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November 17, 2002

Mo's First Musing

I'm listenin' to Ron Hacker and tryin' to talk myself into headin' out for more blues for the fourth night straight. I mean A Hack Attack on a Sunday night in the city?! Easy in and out of the city for sure. We need Hacker up here in Sonoma County and soon.

I heard from a little birdie that this year's line-up for the Evolution of the Blues at Santa Rosa Junior College on February 6, 2003 is out and this is what I heard:
Otis Taylor
Volker Strifler with his German band---Wowsers!!
A Case of the Willy's
Gary Vogensen Band

I inquired on the theme. Usually there's a theme of some sort and I was told it was a theme of "whoever we could get." Gotta laugh. Sounds like a fun night and I think the theme should be VOLKER with the "V" man being in two of the bands.

I guess Debbie Davies put on one heck of a show to a small crowd at the Mystic last weekend [November 9, 2002]. I was told she held her own up there on stage with Joe Louis Walker, trading licks back and forth. The Sorentinos opened. If I was in town it would have been a real problem dividing myself up between Steve Judkins, Terry Hanck, Walker and Debbie Davies ALL on the same night right here in Sonoma County!! Way to go Debbie and sorry I missed that 'cause she kicks ass! You go Girl!!

Willy Jordan is still hangin' with Joe Louis Walker playin' dem skins as part of the Bosstalkers. Way to go Willy! That means we won't be seeing much of Willy around here 'cause we know how much Joe hits that blues trail. Not even sure if he'll be there for the Evolution of the Blues in February with A Case of the Willy's.

We have Daniel Castro opening for Little Charlie & the Nightcats in two weeks on Thanksgiving weekend [November 30, 2002]. That's at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa. What a great way to dance off that turkey and stuffing. I just love Daniel Castro at Last Day Saloon. Huge dance floor and good sound. I'm in need of a Daniel session too.

Lackawanna Blues' theatre run in San Francisco is about to wrap up so be sure to check that out. Through December 1st and then it's done. I heard great things and am planning on taking my daughter. She loves the theatre and I love da blues so it'll be perfect. It's at The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and you can find out more by clicking the link.

I heard that the release from Hubert Sumlin, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton is about to come out. Can you imagine such a recording session? Was supposed to be on Blues Planet label but that was another story so I'm not sure what label it's to be on. I've been awaiting this release since I heard about it a year ago. It's finished but there were some contract issues or something like that.

The Phoenix Blues Society's Arizona Blues Showdown wraps up today. I wish I could've been there for the finals. Last weekend was just too much. Great talent from around the Grand Canyon State. I hope a trio by the name of Morgan City General wins. These guys had all the talent. Original material for the most part and did I mention the talent? Loaded with blues content. Some of the winners were just too much rock and funk to be winners of a blues competition. Not these guys. Just three guitars and that's all they needed. What a sound! One of the guys put down his guitar and blew some harp and I swear that Sonny Terry lives through this kid! The whole sound complete with train whistles. The crowd went nuts for these guys and I jumped outta my seat. I hope they win. It will be hard to choose at any rate. I loved them all but this was true blues. Rich with the old style. I asked one them for a CD but he had none at the time. I did email him and should be getting one soon.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

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