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December 28, 2004

Leroy Shyne's Bluesin' Benefit! 12/26/04

Scott Silvera. Robi Bean. Kent Brison. Calvin Dixon. Tim "The
Iceman" Wager. Randy Bermudas. Henry Oden. Patty Hammond. Sid Morris.
Richard ? Chris Burns. Scot Brenton. Rontu Karr. Birdlegg. Rev,
Rabia. Ms. Dee. John Grahm. Steve Freund. Jon Lawton. Stan Earhart.
Burton Winn. Steve Gannon. The Horns of Dilemna-Mike Rinta and
Michael Peloquin. Vance Ehlers.
And then there's the master, Craig Horton!!

What a night!!

You can read the whole review by clicking HERE.

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Don't Miss Ronnie Martin's Birthday!

That's right, Ronnie is celebrating his birthday at the Tradewinds this Monday evening.. these are ALWAYS a blast and full of blues.

Word is that Willy will be playing drums along with Steve Wolf on bass and Volker Strifler on Guitar.

Armond called me about it when I had this "other" thing going on so I apologize for the sketchiness. I'll get back to you if I hear more but I think this is plenty.

I'm sure there will be others as well.
Like I said, this is always a blast full of good vibe, awesome blues, and lots of dancin'!

This Monday - Jan. 3rd I think it is- at the 'winds, in Downtown Cotati.
Food is said to start at 6pm and music at 7pm.
Great early start for us early, early risers.
Come on by and wish Ronnie a Happy Birthday and for putting these things on every year.
Love ya, Ronnie and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
See ya Monday.


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December 26, 2004

Son Seals Passes Away

This is sad, sad news to me.
Son Seals has always been a favorite of mine.
"Live and Burning" is just about the best Live recording I've heard yet.

My favorite blues line of all time-
"Excuse me while I play the blues"
and then he cuts loose on some of the best blues guitar around.
Rest In Peace, Son.

You will always hold a place in my blues heart.

The following is borrowed from Alligator Records website:


Over the course of his career, Seals was hailed as one of Chicago’s great bluesmen and one of the city’s most powerful live performers. “Musician” stated, “Seals delivers performances of the most profound emotion…one of the genre’s most soulful exorcists.” His most recent recording was an Alligator Records career retrospective, “Deluxe Edition,” in 2002. Among his many accolades, Seals won three W.C. Handy Blues Awards, one each in 1985, 1987 and 2001, and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1980 for his participation in the live compilation, “Blues Deluxe.”
Frank “Son” Seals was born in Osceola, Arkansas on August 14, 1942. He became an accomplished drummer by the time he was 13. By the age of 18, Son had put down the drumsticks and was leading his own band as a guitarist. He moved to Chicago in 1971 and began playing regular weekend gigs at The Expressway Lounge and other clubs on Chicago's South Side, regularly jamming with legends like Hound Dog Taylor, Junior Wells and Buddy Guy.

Son's 1973 debut recording, “The Son Seals Blues Band,” on the fledging Alligator Records label, established him as a blazing, original blues performer and composer. Son's audience base grew as he toured extensively, playing colleges, clubs and festivals throughout the country. “The New York Times” called him “the most exciting young blues guitarist and singer in years.” His 1977 follow-up, “Midnight Son,” received widespread acclaim from every major music publication. “Rolling Stone” called it “one of the most significant blues albums of the decade.”

On the strength of “Midnight Son,” Seals began touring Europe regularly, and even appeared in an Olympia beer commercial. A strong series of six more successful Alligator releases followed through the 1980s and 1990s (Seals also recorded two albums for other labels during this time), growing Seals’ audience all over the world. Seals shared stages with a wide variety of blues stars, including B.B. King and Johnny Winter. Even the popular rock band Phish recognized Seals’ talent and power, covering his song “Funky Bitch” on record and inviting Seals to join them on stage at many of their tour dates.

Seals played his last live performances in October 2004 in California.

Survivors include a sister, Katherine Sims of Chicago, and 14 children.

No funeral arrangements have been announced at this time.

Alligator Records Discography:
The Son Seals Blues Band (1973)
Midnight Son (1976)
Live And Burning (1978)
Chicago Fire (1980)
Bad Axe (1984)
Living In The Danger Zone (1991)
Nothing But The Truth (1994)
Live-Spontaneous Combustion (1996)
Deluxe Edition (2002)

“Son Seals is the most exciting young blues guitarist and singer in years.”
--The New York Times (1973)

“A major blues talent.”
--Rolling Stone

“Seals carves guitar licks like a chainsaw through solid oak and sings like a grainy-voiced avenging angel. A master of gritty, blue-collar blues.”
--Guitar World

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Allyson Paige at the Tradewinds 12/17/04

I had been wanting to catch up to Allyson after hearing her sing along side Volker Strifler at the Sonoma County Blues festival. I had also caught pieces of her sitting in here & there.

You can read the whole review by clicking HERE.

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December 05, 2004

Volker Strifler and Gary Silva win with Big Mo!!

Big news!!!

Our very own, VOLKER STRIFLER and GARY SILVA, playing with THE BIG MO BLUES BAND outta Chico, have won The Monterey Blues Festival's, Battle of the Blues Bands!! They will be opening the MBF this next year, and also have a chance of competing in the International Blues Competition in Memphis.

Big Mo can tell you better about it. Go into his site and check it out! Congratulations Big Mo and Gang!

Volker and Big Mo go back a ways. It's all in the interview I did with him awhile back which should be back up when things get rollin here at SonomaTunes once again.
The two met in Germany way back when and....well... just go to Maurice's site and read for yourself. I do believe there's some history in the bio page.


Monterey Blues Festival

PS- Not sure how to hyperlink here at this place yet but I'm sure you'll figure out how to get there.
UPDATE: Hyperlinks inserted.


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New ST look/ Levi Lloyd at the 'Winds lastnite!!

Wow! This is great to be able to post on SonomaTunes! Quite an honor to boot.
I don't know about ya'll but I've missed Sonoma Tunes alot!!
Donna's been working hard on a new look and she is also working on making SonomaTunes more interactive which has me all excited!!

Thanks Donna for all you do.
She's not done, and not really happy with this particular software, so things are still in the change over mode. But for now, I'll just go on and post.

Keep checkin' back because it's only gonna get better.

Sure miss the Sonoma Blues crowd and it's always fun to be sharing the dance floor with such beautiful people.

Here's a little diddy about Levi's awesome show lastnight:

Read the rest HERE

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