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February 20, 2005

Marcia Ball with a Boyack Attack!!

I was real burnt from a hard work week and was gonna stay home and veg on the couch when something kept gnawin' at me. Something deep down inside was tellin' me not to miss this event. To be honest, I'm not a huge Marcia Ball fan but she has a favorite of mine on guitar, Pat Boyack!

Still...I thought since it's her show that it would feature mainly her singing and playing piano. Rightly so. But something just kept gnawin' at me to get, so I went. This was at 8:30 pm. I had missed the opener, "Phenix". This was strictly off of impulse since I had made up my mind weeks ago that I would miss this show.

I was talkin' with my daughter and her boyfriend when I jumped up and said "I gotta go!" They looked at me puzzled and said "Where?" after tellin' them the dilemma I said, "Somethings tellin' me to go so.....
see ya!"

Put on some old blue jeans, grabbed all the bluesin' essentials, and out the door I went. Hell....I dashed outta there so fast, I think I forgot to brush my teeth, and I surely didn't get a shower in after work! Aaah well.....I figured I'm just goin' to hear some blues, not to get lucky. Point is.....sudden impulses are always good to follow.

It was so awesome!! I have seen Marcia a few times and she never disappoints but I'm just not a big fan of the style. You know me....Gimme blues guitar and lots of it! She made a believer outta me last night!!

Well....she shares the spotlight plenty. I have not jumped up and down so much in a looong while. It was a hot sticky night and I was thinkin' that I haven't done it like this in many a moons.

I think Marcia was a little hoarse, and it appeared she was feeling a little under the whether, maybe a cold or something, but she was on it. Her heart was there, and man....can she sing! She did a few highlight solos but not what I remember from her. Still, a fabulous piano player. A commanding lady on stage, this is her show no matter what.

Her sax player I was becoming frustrated with with his little tiny parts here and there. He was real good. I yelled in Rolf's ear, "He needs to extend it out a bit, he's just too good for little pieces." Rolf reassured me that he would probably get a showcase part somewhere down the line. Yes he did indeed!! A few to be certain. He was certainly not stepping on any toes and this was one classy show. Man....can that guy blow!!!

The whole band was TIGHT!!!

Then there's the man who got me off the couch and down there in the first place---Pat Boyack. I have been a huge fan of his "Super Blues and Funky" for many years. I have heard mixed reviews of his new CD. Blues fans saying he stretches it out a bit too much from the blues but I haven't heard it yet.

He was so on it last night. He was featured a few times. He would step up to the plate and throw a verse, round, bar -whatever you call it- out there and just when you thought it was over, he went another round. It went up a notch from the last and so you're thinking, "Ok, that was great but..." and you're about to give a "token applause" when he goes for another round and this was built up from the last! This would go on for a bit and each one just built off the last and I was pulling my hair out.

I love getting to the point where I just can't take anymore and all I can do is jump up and down, screamin' and whistlin' just to keep the arteries in my neck and head from exploding!! I'm not sure how to phrase it but it gets to the point where I just can't take anymore. I love it when I get to that point and then they throw more at you.

THIS is what I'm on the prowl for when I venture out to shows. I tell you what....when I die....I hope it's on the dance floor experiencing something like that. That will be where the phrase "Died and gone to blues heaven" comes in. Forget dying while having sex or in your sleep. If I died during a solo such as Pat's last night,it would be the ultimate way to go. No, I'm not suicidal, just trying to put the guy's work into perspective.

The crowd at McNear's Mystic Theater was great. Not too crowded but a very appreciative one and a dance floor mixed with gawkers and loads of dancers.

A real classy lady this Marcia Ball, with a classy band, and one hell
of a classy show not be missed.

Posted by Mo at February 20, 2005 11:43 AM


Thank you for the kind words, but please don't die during one of my solos. :)

Pat B

Posted by: Pat Boyack at March 4, 2005 12:31 PM

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