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February 20, 2005

Old Redwood Hwy Strut!!/Ultrasound

So, I left McNears and headed up Petaluma Blvd North, which turns into Old Redwood Highway, which takes you up to Cotati and the Tradewinds. I wanted to check out Ultrasound, who I haven't seen in a looong while, if ever.

I first passed The Willowbrook, which is on Petaluma Blvd, and I noticed Ritchie Blue on the marquee. Heard some great things about
the guy, for many years as a matter of fact, but have never seen him. Or have I? I'm not sure but I do know one thing....my curiousity had the best of me. Ok, I'm gonna make a u-turn right up here, I'll go back to check him out.

I got to the place to turn and I says to myself, "Naw, just keep goin'...to the 'Winds is the mission." After several u-turn possibilities and indecisiveness, and knowing Rolf and I agreed to meet at the 'Winds, I stayed the course and was now on Old Redwood Highway. I passed Twin Oaks Tavern, I saw on their marquee they had Eric Martinez. Never heard of him and I was once again, undecided. On to the 'Winds was the mission. Twin Oaks has some good Sonoma County blues once in awhile.

What happened to those days when I was more adventuresome??

Got to the 'Winds, stepped out, didn't hear anything coming from Tradewinds at that point but did hear AC/DCs "Highway To Hell" blastin' out of Spancky's across the street. That song was more appropriate than I realized at the time.

Rolf pulled up. I told him about Richie Blue, he hadn't gone the Old Redwood Highway way so he missed it. Being only 11:30, I suggested we go back up the road to Willowbook and so we went.

On the way there we were dumped on with buckets, and I mean BUCKETS of rain, still talking of the Marcia Ball show. That was one treacherous stretch of two-lane "highway to hell" for sure....but I was still floatin' from that show so I hardly noticed at all.

Got there and waited out the break. They came on and did some dance numbers, along with "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by CCR. What? Are you kiddin'??!!

I suggested we leave if we were to hear some Ultrasound so back up the Old Redwood Highway we went. It was a fun mini set with Ritchie Blue and gang and as we were leaving it sounded like we were gonna miss out on what would their best song of the set. It sounded real bluesy but....we were on a mission to hit the 'Winds.

It's real hard to top a show such as Marcia Ball's but it was just so cool having all this live music on this stretch of old road; I was loving it.

Finally walked in the Tradewinds and they were sounding great. This band here was a big surprise to me. I say be on the lookout for them and definitely keep an eye out for Linda Ferro! It was way cool hitting two great shows with two leading ladies on the keys. Fitting night.

Linda is one terrific songwriter and she's been busy since I've seen her last. I'm just assuming she's the writer of the bunch well because first of all two were introduced as hers, and second, she just has that leading lady quality about her. Real good arrangements, stage presence, and yes.... she can play and sing!!

The whole band is tight and it seems they are willing to take risks for something new and fresh sounding. Real nice originals. They "took apart," as Rolf would call it, "Take Me To The River," I think it was, and it was hypnotic and fun.

Real classy sax, some fine rhythm guitar, and a drivin' rhythm section. I say keep an ear out for this band and Linda....you go girl!!! ;-)

Fun night with some real interesting surprises for sure.

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