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April 24, 2005

Volker Strifler at Club Tac in Crockett! 4/23/05

I was not ready for what happened on this night. I had heard that they had some new stuff but I didn't think most the night would be new stuff!!! "New is good," I said to myself after the first couple. Then more came...and more...and more!!

No exaggeration folks.....every other song was a new one.

"Here's one we just through together a couple of nights ago. We've never done it before so we'll see how it goes." V said.

One after the other. He wrote them, gave music to a few members, practiced one-on-one with a couple others, and this would be the first time they played the new ones together as a band. This, to my ears, made it all the more amazing. I literally mean....one after the other!!!

There were many favorites and I can't even begin to tell about them. Too many. I found myself standing, watching, in disbelief on many. There was a song that virtually slammed me on the floor. It went down....down....down....then, slam!.....right on the floor and then I was up again, just like that!

Hard to explain. The whole band just brought it down, like a ride down to the bottom and then it instantly went back to the top and that opened the door for an awesome guitar solo.

The horn arrangements, done by Carl Bowers on trombone and David Schrader on sax, were outta this world. I can see Volker takes great pride in that horn section and the arrangements.

Gary Silva on drums and Don Bassey on bass set the foundation for the night. What a crew!!!

Dee: "I like some of his stuff but I wish he'd play more blues." God, I love her honesty. She's right. If you are a blues purist, than this is not the band for you. Although, he throws in plenty of "pure blues," he does go other routes. It's refreshing, new, and it stimulates the ears and mind. If you like your blues jazzy, jumpy, funky, rockin', and even a bit of new Orleans, all with an original flare, then this is something you will like.

Lyrics and arrangements that make up some really top notch stuff. This ain't no basic 12 bar blues stuff. Very complicated arrangements. I can't even imagine what it will sound like when they tighten it up! I'm almost afraid to find out. The excitement might do me in right there on the dance floor. But what a way to go!

The way they do "Spoonful" is the best. The best cover of that song I've ever heard. It made a few of us scream out. Actually, more of a howl-growl. It reached right in there and yanked it outta you, it was so deep and rugged. The way they went into the chorus, was downright scary. That would be one of the FEW covers of the night.

I just can't believe what I was hearing. Never, EVER, have I gone to hear a band and half the night would be new, original material. And the last time they played together, we were there...none of this stuff was on the songlist!!

That was.....what....what seems like a year ago, and it'll probably be that long again. This always bums me out. Volker is so busy with Robben Ford (who he's gettin' ready to go on tour with real soon), The Ford Blues band, A Case of the Willy's, and Big Mo, that he hardly ever takes time to focus on his band. But, obviously he must be busy writing while out on the road with these guys. I'm wonderin' though...what good is it if you don't play it more with your own band?

Don tells me to have patience, and that it will all come together. I guess but man...it makes it difficult to be patient, when they are so awesome!!!

Levi Lloyd came with the roadtrip crew and he sat in on guitar along with The Rhythm Doctor's very own Jimmy Cooper on drums. They would sit in for two songs then it was back to the V!! Jimmy is real good on them drums. Levi....well...he brought us all back to some old blues---Jimmy Reed style. I guess it was a bit of a reunion for Jimmy and Levi. They go back a ways. It was nice to meet you, Jimmy. Hope to catch up to the Rythm Dr.'s soon.

We had a bit of a Tradewinds feel to the place there at Club Tac. A couple of other Sonoma County people showed, and this was cool. Man....do we ever miss the 'Winds. If it never re-opens, it will leave a hole in our soul, for sure. I'm having my doubts it will ever re-open.

I want to Thank Rolf, Big Daddy "Z", Levi, Donna, Terri, Dee, for making this one of the best roadtrips in a looong while. They're all fun but this was special being how snug we were in the van ;-)

I especially want to thank Club Tac for having us and The Volker Strifler band. They have fun there and do appreciate their live music.

Not sure what I'm up to today but I do know I have an itch to go somewhere and hear more blues.

Tip: Never go thru a drive-thru with a van load.


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