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July 15, 2007

Gettin' My Blues Groove Backwith Bluestate! by:mo (7/07)

It feels good to be gettin' out to hear some live blues on a regular basis once again. At times, it's like kickin' myself in the ass to get out the door but once out.....it's great.
Big things have been goin' on at home, and in my head, that has more or less kept me at home other than working. We won't go into it because it's a lot of Non -Blues content although it's filled me with plenty of blues. So, I stayed home for a year and a half or so just to get my head back. It's been hell but we all have our own little hell so I'm not complainin'. Things are getting better and now it's time to do some final healing with this great blues scene we are fortunate to live in.

I never felt like I needed to get out there and "Save the blues" or try to "keep the blues alive" because it'll never go anywhere. How can the blues die? It's just not possible.
I know it'll always be there when I'm ready to get out again. That's the beauty of it.
Nope, the blues will never die.

This band I saw a couple of weeks ago at Tradewinds reassured me of that!
I noticed they emerged during my hiatus this last year and a half or so ago and I kept seeing their name everywhere, and yes....I even heard they were "decent". So, this being their third time or so at the 'winds, I decided to venture the mile down the road to check them out!
Did I forget to mention the name? if you haven't guessed already who they are the name is..... Bluestate.

What a refreshing band! From the opener to the end, it was non-stop blues.
What I loved most was their song list. The kind of stuff that had you really diggin in your head thinkin, "oh yeah, I know that song. Who does that again?'
Songs you don't hear covered very often, if ever.
To hear them cover Volker's song was awesome. That clepto song by Larry Garner was fun. My favorite was the opening number because "how can the blues make you feel sad when it's the best ol' feeling I ever had". I just love that song. Couldn't tell you who does it, but I've got it on a compilation cassette someone gave me years ago.
( I have since been reminded that it's Albert Cummings' 'The Blues Makes Me Feel So Good' - Thanks ;-)

The singing was tops. I love that guy's voice. His harp and sax was done with style too. The keys were right on and he even did some horn section bits on those keys.
The guitar was superb although.....and you know what I'm gonna say.....not enough of it.
Actually, there wasn't enough of anything and too much of all.
Let me clarify here....
There was never a moment when the players got to really stretch out. EACH song featured a tiny solo from EACH player and that was it. Mini-jams, if you will but much tighter. There were a few times when the guitar was just gettin' there, built up, almost there and then it ended. Just like that!
It's like being dropped off a cliff or something. I guess you could call it a "cliff hanger".
Like getting ready to climax and your partner says...."That's it, I'm done". Talk about frustrating!!!
The same for those awesome keys and even the harp playing, that was superb.
Then, as I was standing there, I was saying to myself that this is one restrained band. Rolf later told me that his theory was that it's about the song, not the hot guitar solos so on & so forth....I say, that's cool but at least feature an artist for a song every now and then just to let them cut loose and show us what they've got. I don't know about you but I really want to see.
Other than that....tight, tight band with nice arrangements, great vocals, nice song list, but just another cover band unless they step it up a notch and feature some of that awesome talent they are fortunate to have in this band.

The buzz during breaks was, "Who are these guys and where did they come from?". Many blues regulars were there and I had thought everyone had seen them before and that I was the only one who hadn't. After all....this wasn't their first time up here. But come to find out, a lot of the blues regulars had never heard this band before. Everyone loved them and they made some new fans on this night no doubt.
I know one thing....restrained or not, I'll be out seeing them again!
Thank You Bluestate. You have reassured me that the blues will never die when bands like yours emerge and take the reigns.
Thank you Tony of the Tradewinds for having them.


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