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July 16, 2007

Ron Hacker & Daniel Castro in Santa Rosa by: Mo (6/07)

So here it is Friday. Made it through that burn-out work day, stopped for a sandwich, got home and tried to take a nap before the "show we've been waiting for" started with Ron Hacker and Daniel Castro!!
It was just up the corridor a few miles and was a must.
I hate when you're so tired that you just lay there, wheels spinnin', plus the excitement of the show that was coming, all those factors that won't let you sleep were happening to me at that moment.
Did manage an hour or so, drank a pot of coffee that wasn't touching me except for a racing heart, and headed north to the Last Day Saloon for the show.
So, anyway...I saw the listing a few weeks back and it was careful to say, "Daniel Castro with special guests".
Ok...ok...I've been warned.
But I had a feeling about this one. Especially with Ron Hacker opening with a solo set!!
That alone is reason enough for me to go.

I know I'm not the only fan to say that a whole night of just Daniel Castro and band is something we hold dear up here in the North Bay. Shoot, the Flamingo is not everyone's favorite places to go dancing, and probably not the favorite to play, but those nights there with Danny and band were the best!!
I loved those shows.
Something healing about them. Maybe an occasional guest but it was mostly Daniel and band. Man, is he amazing.
Yep, I had a feeling it would turn out great and it was.

Starting up was Ron Hacker. He sat in the chair and sitting next to him were his guitars. He pulled out his little wooden duct-taped one and that was my favorite of all. He went through all them, a few songs off each, but that little woody was the best!

What an airhead I am, huh?
Sorry, but as a music appreciator and just a listener, I can't explain what guitar is what. I leave that up to the musicians, wanna- be's and techie people. I just like to hear it and watch the way it all comes together on stage. The feeling of it all. I would never, or want be, a performer but you can bet I sure am a listener and appreciator.
It amazes me how each person in a band can play something and then everybody comes together to make this music. The way it just flows to create this tune that is saying something without speaking. There are no language barriers or nothing. Not just blues of course but all music. Can't imagine life without. I'm sure all around the world agree.

But this guy here didn't need a band to say what he had to say. Just his guitar and him up there sittin' all alone. Must of felt lonely up there with the crowd seated way in the back where you couldn't see them because of the lights, so I went up close to watch and sorta dance.
Rolf came soon after and a few others. Hack- you are amazing. To hear you in a solo setting is a real treat. It's not so crowded and one can hear it all clearly and you have much to say on that guitar!
There was one point when he was really tearin it up and he came unplugged!
It was so cool. The guy was just a tearin' it up so much he knocked it out. I think that's more impressive than breaking a string, don't you?
I remember the days when we kids thought that really showed what a badass they were when they broke strings tearin' it up on stage. Pretty funny thinkin' about it now. Gotta love that live stuff.

But ol' Ron just went with it, we all cheered him on, he plugged back in and almost jumped right back to where he was tearin' it up. I say "almost" because it would be impossible to instantly go back to where he had built up to. He always goes somewhere when he's playin but it's not here on earth. Almost trance like. I always wonder what's going on in his head when he goes there.
That's all I can say about Hack. Gotta love the guy. Hopin' to catch him with his Hacksaws (AJ & Ronnie) real soon to get that other side of a Hack Attack!

Up next was Danny and company.
He just so awesome. But before I forget and I know I won't, but that Glade on bass is becoming quite the bass player extraordinaire these days. WOW!!
The way he plays off and on with Daniel is a blast to watch and hear . All sorts of fillers all the while keeping that big bass beat going in the foundation.
He has really gotten good. I especially notice it with just the trio bit and that's what we had on this night. Daniel had a different drummer that was good. Totally different style than T Moran but it worked just fine. A bit faster and man was he anxious. He sounded good but I can't remember who he is. I know Shauna mentioned him in her post.

They were having a lot of fun up there and catching some of that energy was just what I wanted.
Hacker sat in for a few songs in the first set and that was it. They were tearin' it up up there the two of them. I loved the chemistry between them.

What a great night. Even as tired I was I stuck it out. Headed to In & Out because I was starved. Sat in the Drive-thru with a car load of drunken kids in front of me. One kept getting in & out to collect change off the ground or something. Then they opened the hatch and out fell a kid who just started puking everywhere!
That was appetizing. The driver seemed sober so I laughed it off.
Why anyone drunk would lay in the back of a hatchback is beyond me. No seatbelt, no seat, just layin' back there. I would be carsick without drinkin'!

Had a great weekend of blues and I thank you fine musicians out there for it. Thanks to the venues that hire them and as always, it's always great to see all those familiar, and not so familiar, blues lovin' faces.

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