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July 16, 2007

Thursday Blues-Freund Style! by: Mo (6/07)

A Freund fix was much needed. It had been awhile and I hear his Saloon gigs are incredible these days.
Couldn't get Friday off but I decided I can do this. Hell, used to do it all the time goin' out on school nights sleeping two hours before going into work. That's exactly what happened too. Got to bed around 2:30 am just to wake at 4:30 am and do a full days work. It went smooth with the aide of Freund's guitar still ringin' in my ears.
My partner at work wasn't offering much sympathy saying only, "Sorry Mo. if you play you gotta pay".
"Gee, thanks pal. Next time I'll call in sick on your ass", I said jokingly. I could never do that though. I hate calling in sick although I've got the days. Just too much guilt. But my partner was right and I wasn't looking for sympathy because it was well worth it!
I can handle it if the show turns out so good that just the adrendiline rush from it keeps me going through out the day. Nothing worse than losing sleep over a crappy show.

I didn't send out the roadtrip call to the gang cuz I wasn't even sure if I was going. Rolf was interested and I figured if I cancelled at the last minute, he would understand. But we went and by golly I am so glad we did.

What a great night of blues guitar and one awesome band to back him.
He had Robi Bean on drums and Burton Winn on bass. What a trio!!
I'm sorry but Robi is absolutely one of the best drummers around.
Sure, there are many great drummers but that Robi is just phenomenal.

Steve's playing just gets more interesting with each time I see him. It has all this unpredictable stuff going on. All the twists, turns, doing stuff that stops you dead in your tracks just to catch a glimpse of it. He just throws stuff out there and takes all sorts of risks these days. It's refreshing. I say , "these days" because I remember some years ago, a few of us went to see him at the Boom Boom Room. I do believe it was my first time seeing him but had heard of him. We went and it was OK. Just OK.
The crew I was with thought he was too melancholy, too laid back, too tired. It just didn't reach out and grab ya. Let's just say it was a totally different Steve Freund than the one we hear today. And yes, to a certain extent, I had to agree with them. But I always loved going to hear him. There was something about his playing, his voice, it was just so relaxing. So, I kept going to his shows and then one night it happened, I think at the Ivy Room, he just stepped up and started throwing in some really different licks. I can't explain this stuff but he just started bringing it up a whole nother level. It became more intense, he was taking more risks that always paid off. It was a transformation happening before my very own eyes, and ears, that was exciting. Now, I'm just talking his Live shows.
There's much to be said about live shows for all bands. It's more spontaneous, players stretch it out more and take more risks. There are many a live shows I wish I had on record. Something about the studio makes musicians feel they have to be more restrained. I don't know, just an observation.

At any rate....what a great night. The crowd was attentive and appreciative. Some fun dancers and well behaved.
Steve Kaufman got up and did some really good harp playing and singing. I love his style. With each time I see him he gets better and I don't think it's just from "growing on ya" kind of deal. He really seems to be getting better and better.

I was gonna bail after the second set because it was waaay past my bedtime and 4am was approaching fast. I sat at the bar enjoying my water when Jack sat next to me and we got to talkin'. Needless to say, I was still there for the third set. I am so glad I stayed because three songs into the third set he did a KILLER instrumental that was to die for. He then invited Shauna up to sing and it was great to finally hear her. That was it....I found Rolf and asked if it was OK to go now and we left. I felt bad pulling him away from his sitting out outside the door and carding the pretty young ladies deal but I was dead on my feet at this point.

Thank you Steve and gang for one healing evening.
You are the best.
Thank you Saloon for you are the bestest, funkiest, blues dive around!


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