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July 19, 2007

Tuesday Night Blues in San Fran! By; Mo (7/07)

Got the boy home on leave for two weeks from Iraq and it's been great. Sort of like a big load has been lifted off of me if not just for two weeks. I took a couple of weeks off to be here at home with him. Not that he's home hardly but just to see him runnin' in & out, getting out of bed at noon, his mess everywhere, I thought I would never be happy to have it all back again! I hug him every chance I get.

So, after cooking some of Brian's favorite foods, he was gone for the night and I decided to get on out and down to the City for some weeknight blues, baby!
I tried to get him to go with us but no go. I really want him to see Daniel Castro at least once. I just know he would like him a lot.
Daniel was playing at Lou's and a set was in order before we headed for the Saloon for Lisa Kindred. I was very excited to finally catch up to her once again. It had been too long.
Got to the wharf, parked down the street and around the corner from Lou's, and I'll be damned if you couldn't hear Daniel's guitar ringin' through the salty air down Jefferson street. It was most inviting. Like following the Pied Piper, we walked as if in a trance, following that magical guitar to Lou's.

Walked up and scoped out the band.
He had a couple of new people with him. The drummer, Michael Messin'....Messinger...I can't remember but I do know that he was makin' a "mess" outta them drums!! And I mean that a good way. the guy was great!!
The keyboardist was even more awesome just don't ask me his name. I do know he was bald and his playin' was beautiful! Yep...Bald & beautiful.
I wanna say John Hancock?? Maybe Jim?
We had the tried and true Glade on bass and this band here was soundin' great!
Probably the best make-up band I've heard with Daniel yet.
Real nice sound and needless to say we stayed for just one more set after the first. Just couldn't pull away. Daniel was on fire as usual.

After that we went to the Saloon for Lisa Kindred. The place was a hoppin' on & off while we were there. The band sounded great, Lisa's singin' and stage presence even better.
Need to get down there more on a Tuesday night for her. Always a great show. There's a real nice down-home feel with her. Her band is always tops but mainly the show is about her. Her voice- it's calming, soothing and just feels good. She's Angelic or something. Maybe it's the aura that surrounds her. I think if she put her hand on my head, looked at me and told me everything was gonna be alright, I'd believe it, I would feel it, I would be healed.

Had some real fun dancers on the floor. A bunch from Minnesota and what a crazy bunch they were. Not too many can pull my attention away from the band stand area but one managed. I think I feel in love for moment there. Ok...Ok...maybe it was lust I'm not sure, but the mood was right, the music, the company, the closeness, it was just what I needed. Very comfortable. Then before I knew it, he hugged me tight, kissed me on the forehead, said "I Love You, Thank-you & have a good life", and then he was gone. I felt so abandoned for a second and then I snapped out of it and got back to reality and to the business at hand- The Blues!!
Never, in all the times I've been out, had that happen before.
I think his name was Ken ;-)

Didn't get to hear much of Lisa except for one awesome set. Gotta get down there again soon for more of her and that great band.
What a nice evening in the city. Gonna try and do it again tonight. Get it while the gettin's good or at least while I'm on vacation.


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