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September 24, 2007

Eric Johnson at the Mystic & Ramblin' by:mo (9/17/07)

What a busy week I had last week. All weeknight blues, while going to work as well and I wasn't late 'cept for once. It's taken me all weekend to catch up on rest and also getting caught up around my house.
I was so fried by Friday night, that after work I did absolutely nothing after I got home that evening. Yep, a netflix night. I didn't even make it through the darn movie before I was passed out on the couch!
I awoke, once again, to the critters wanting breakfast. And man....that couch don't do your back no good either, that's for sure.

It started out on Monday night when I went to see Eric Johnson. He was at the Mystic Theater. I had heard of him but wasn't familiar with his stuff at all, knew he was a favorite of some other famous guitarists, heard he was most extraordinary on that guitar, and so now it was time to finally see what all the fuss was about.

I got there and the place was filling fast. The opener was Tucker Roundtree, I think he was called. A power trio and what a trio it was!
Not blues perse but powerful all the same.
Amazing all the stuff they had going on on stage. Very fusiony, and loaded with Jazz. The kid can play the hell outta that guitar, no doubt. Fun but just not my style. I was wantin' that blues.

Eric was about to come on and I was getting a drift of what he would be like when someone told me that Tucker was the perfect opener for Eric so that kind of clued me in to his style.
It was alright. He's a fabulous guitarist, I must admit, but again... not my style. Way out there and I need predictability. Amazing though, I swore I heard some rhythm guitar riffs while he was doing leads and solos. Yep, he was playing both at the same time. A powerful rock/jazz/blues/fusion guitarist. I like rock, I love blues, I like some jazzy stuff, but when you combine all those and it's waaay fusiony, it's a bit too much for me.
I was thinking, while standing there on the packed-like-sardines dance floor, that to appreciate this kind of music, there's a certain part of the brain that must be open to really enjoy it and my is sealed shut.
A pretty packed house and what a following he has. And on a Monday too! Lots of youngsters too.

I left there early and headed home. As I was passing Penngrove, I decided to stop at The Black Cat to catch a couple songs at Karl's Monday Jam.
They were wrapping it up. Mike Emerson was there sitting in on keys. They were jammin. It ended two songs later.
As I was leaving, Karl put on some of his own house music and man....what a trip down memory lane that was!!
It was Frank Zappa's 'Over-Nite Sensation' and the song was "Fifty-Fifty'. I was trippin' on that 'cause I hadn't heard that in years!! I even have the vinyl of it and haven't pulled it out since the last time I can't remember. I was leaving but had to stand and just listen to it while they were packing up their gear. What foggy memories that brings back.
That Frank was a trip and a musical genius. I know everyone remembers "I Am the Slime" and "Yellow Snow". I have since pulled out the albums and have had some good laughs to his records "Apostrophe" and "Over-Nite Sensation".
"Moving to Montana soon. Gonna be a dental floss tycoon....."
Man, he was great!

I left after the song and headed home to catch some shut-eye.
I was glad I finally got to hear this Eric Johnson even though it's not my brand of blues. Amazing all the different shades of the blues there are, isn't it?


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