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September 16, 2007

Friday Night Letdown/Ramblin's by: mo (9/07)

I was gonna go down to Biscuits & Blues to check on Joe Louis Walker lastnight. He has been sounding great the last two times I saw him, he's always been one of my favorites, and I was just hopin' that he still had that momentum going.
Things were bad there for awhile for him. At least that's how his shows were sounding. Ever since he came back from France, he's been sounding really good. I'm hopin' it sticks. I never made it down there. I was wiped, too expensive to park, gas, tolls etc....
I also noticed that Tradewinds had a band I never heard of. I googled them, "Lane Coker & Big Delta" and their website came up. I think what got my curiosity was the "Delta" part.
Read their bio and it sounded interesting enough, their calendar said they were scheduled for the Tradewinds too so that was a plus.
So that was that.... I was staying close to home to check out this band from the south bay area that I've never heard of.

I drove through downtown Cotati and it's great to see it hoppin' again. Friar Tucks is open at the old 'Inn of the Beginning' and Spancky's was goin' at it too. I pulled thru the alley and into the Tradewinds parking lot and man.....was it dead!!
Got out, walked up and saw they had no instruments on the stage area but they did have a DJ going at it.
I just couldn't believe it!! Again???
I asked Dwight, the doorguy, what was goin' on with the 'winds these days and he could only say, "things have changed, Mo".
I guess.....
I'm not upset or angry for the inconvience but I am really sad to see it coming to this- A DJ on a weekend.
This wasn't the first time and it seems it won't be the last, I'm afraid.
The place was empty too.

I ventured across the street to Spancky's cuz I heard some live sounds coming outta there. It was heavy metal and it sounded pretty damn good so I stuck around for a set. Motogruv was their name and their sound was wicked. I love that wicked metal sound. The guy could sing, I mean scream, and had that voice of an angry Youngman. The band was good but it's a good thing I'm not epileptic because I would've had a seizure for sure with those blinding flashing lights. That was fun and I do say that was one of the best local metal bands I've seen around here yet. Nothing punk or shredding about them.
I looked around and it seemed I was the oldest one in the place. I didn't care but when they were announcing someone's Birthday and jokingly said, "Hey happy Birthday, man. How old are now? 40?" and everyone started laughing....that's when I really felt outta place.
I stuck it out for the set but bailed after that.
I was thinking of my boy, the musician/soldier, he would've liked this band. I was also thinking about the band he and his friends had before they split up and how much better they sounded. I really miss hearing them out in the garage studio. I put on their Cds every so often but it's just not the same.

I was thinking to myself on the way home that I should've headed to the city in the first place just like I planned. That would be the second time this week I bowed out of going there, the first being the James Armstrong show last Tuesday. I really regret missing that one. I've been most curious has to how James is sounding these days.
It was too late to head down to B&Bs the time being 10pm and all and living an hour north, so I just went home and crashed.
Aaaah well....I'm really trying to stay in Sonoma County to support the blues but it just doesn't have it goin' on most the time. The blues, I mean.
It's so sporadic.

Tonite?? I don't see anything worth venturing out for so I'm saving my money and gas for another day. I see Levi Lloyd is scheduled for the Tradewinds tonight but who knows.....
Shoot, maybe Sunday night, if I can afford the loss of sleep on a school night, I might head to the west county and the Forestville Club for some more of that Johnny Rawls. But that start up of 9:30 really has me doubting it. What a show he put on in Healdsburg a couple of weeks back.

Great to see Nick Moss will be in town, Wednesday the 19th at the Last Day Saloon, so now I don't have to travel so far for that show. I probably will anyway just to catch him twice. He's so good and just straight up Chicago blues, baby!!
It just don't get any better than that.

I did have me a netflix night lastnight before I crashed and it was with Howlin' Wolf!
He was so awesome, wasn't he? He was a serious bluesman and that Hubert was really puttin' it out in those days!! Man, just to listen what he's playing there in the back is amazing!
I've got a few of his cds when he's on his own but back in the Wolf days, he was at his best. That's just my humble opinion. I still listen to his stuff, all the time as a matter of fact, but watching this film gave me a new appreciation of Hubert's guitar work back in the days. Wowsers!!
Hubert's on the film, a lot needless to say, talkin' about the Wolf and he'll play a bit all the while laughing like a little kid. He's so cute and so giddy. Great stories of the Wolf, and a really good piece here. That is if you can stand listening to that Marshall guy. I don't know what it is about him, or the whole story of the Chess family, but just listening to them, it just sounds so fake, so phony. They didn't seem sincere or something. All I see is $$ signs in their eyes. This is just what I get from listening to them and their stories. I don't know....maybe I'm wrong.
But...I'm gonna watch it at least a few more times before I send it back.
I remember the first time I heard Chester howlin', it scared me half to death. Kind of like Ron Hacker did the first time I heard him. It's that goosebump, hair-raisin' kind of scary. That hypnotic sound that just mesmerizes you. Haunting.
Man, I love that!!

Thanks for lettin' me ramble.

Posted by Mo at September 16, 2007 01:08 PM


"Lane Coker & Big Delta" apparenty got a better offer last minute and canceled on us with all of 4 hours notice. They had someone call and claim to be their booking agent, and caimed not to know how much the band was to be paid. But since I booked them and delt with Lane only, I knew it was bull. So the DJ was a last minute fill in


Posted by: Tony at October 1, 2007 02:18 PM

Hello, and yes I did cancel due to the "NO Pay" at the Tradewinds.
As well as the fee charged to bands to use the house PA, and the fee charged to the bands to cover their ASCAP taxes.
Musicians have bills too, and it is a major blow to all of the hardworking musicians everywhere to play for free, AND actually pay to play.
If the Tradewinds was a legit charitable entity, then I would have been more than happy to play for free.

Sorry for the hassle.

Posted by: Lane at October 22, 2007 12:37 AM

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