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September 24, 2007

Joe Bonamassa-My New Guitar Hero! by: mo (9/20/07)

Made it half way through the work week and man did it fly by!
All day Thursday at work, my blues buddy, everytime he'd see me, he'd look at his watch and point, signaling he was counting down to....Joe Bonamassa time!!

He's a huge fan of Joe's and Joe is in fact his guitar hero of all time.
I had heard a couple of his songs here & there, and yes, the guy is good but he really didn't grab me. I even watched his DVD of a concert in Budapest, awesome but still I wasn't feeling the excitement.

We loaded up the van and made awesome time to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. What a beautiful venue. I had never been there before. It was a decent house. After the opener, we finally got our seating arrangements right and what great seats they were. Six rows back and centered.
He has quite a following this guy, Joe. Just turned 30 years old, I heard. Yep, just a baby.

I have to say right now that this was probably the show of the year. It was spectacular. The best guitar show ever for me. Good thing I was restrained in a seat that was surrounded by people because if there was a dance floor....I would've been floored all night long!
The chairs were comfy, rockin', and springy, so that helped in some chair-dancing. I spent a lot of time jumping up because he would hit a nerve in me and I just couldn't stand it, it was so intense. He hit many nerves during his show. He was hitting nerves I didn't know I had!
During his slow numbers, I was layin' back in my seat using my blanket with sleeves as a pillow. It was so cool & comfy just layin' back watching him, feeling it, taking it in, closing my eyes with that guitar just penetrating through me.
The guy plays like no one I've ever seen or heard. A real show and nuthin' but Joe.... Joe..... and more Joe.

He pulled out an acoustic and played the hell outta that thing. He played some blues, classical, jazzy stuff and more blues on it and it was superb. I don't know where the guy learned how to play like that and where he comes up with the stuff but he's simply amazing.
I hear his father was a guitar dealer or something. Maybe that helped ;-)
He's got a load of originals and his voice is great too.
He made a fan outta me on this night. He played more blues than I thought he'd play. Loads of it.

Nice venue and the sound was good. Couldn't hear his voice on the first song but after the second song, an instrumental, all was good.
His band tight and I think we got a couple of token keyboard solos and one great drum solo!
Yep, nuthin' but Joe playing and can he play!
It said 'Joe Bonamassa' on the ticket and by golly, that's what we got. No jammin', no BS, just guitar.
The best guitar show I've seen yet, hands down.
I was checking out the crew I was with while Joe was playing and most were literally on the edge of their seats. I was too.
I thanked my new blues buddy for turning me on to him. I had no idea but now I do. I didn't have the cash on me to pick up his new CD, 'Slow Gin' but I will get it soon. It's been #1 on the blues charts for at least four weeks now.

I was at Backdoor yesterday picking up a CD to send to the kid, and my special order "House Rockin' & Blues Shoutin' - Celebrating 15 years of the Rhythm Room". While there, I looked for Joe Bonamassa but he wasn't in the blues section. I looked in the rock section and there he was.
I couldn't get it yet but just wanted to make sure he was there. They tend to put lots of blues in the rock section I've noticed. My next CD is gonna be one of Little Johnny Taylor. He makes me melt when I hear him.

Anyway....The drive home was lots of talkin' of the show and most were out for the count 'cept for me of course, and my blues bud. We had eyes wide open. Dropped off the gang and went home to get some shut-eye before work but I was amped. It took awhile to fall asleep. Had to turn on the TV for that always makes me sleep.
Got a few hours before that alarm went off and I should've been fried but I wasn't. I was still amped from the show and it kept me going strong all day. Those are the kind of shows one doesn't mind losing sleep over.

Thank You, Joe for a real show. It's what I'm always on the prowl for and by golly....you delivered.


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Nick Moss & the Fliptops/SCBS Jam by:mo (9/19/07)

I didn't do anything on Tuesday after work but some errands, packages for the kid overseas, and tying up some other loose ends.
But Wednesday night was the show I've been waiting for. I was so excited that he was in our neighborhood.

I decided to go early to check out the Sonoma County Blues Society Jam before Nick came on.
They had a featured band on stage, whatever that meant, and they were pretty darn good. There was a fourteen year kid playing guitar and singing and he was really good for his age. His singing is what caught my ear. Real mature soundin' and a blues feel to his voice.
Everyone was in awe, watching and cheering for him, but while all that was going on, I was paying close attention to the other guitarist, John Andersen. He was incredible over on stage left and not getting much attention. That guy can really play!!
The whole band sounded tight but waaay too much jammin' for me. Oh wait....that's right, it was a jam.

John Andersen plays with Soulshine and you can bet, the next time they play, I'll be there if only to hear some more of that guitar work. The guy is really good, I tell ya.
I have seen Soulshine before. It was at the Tradewinds months and months ago. They are a band that emerged in Sonoma County while I was on hiatus for a year or so. They were good when I saw them 'cept for the drumming was too fast and loud. They have since changed drummers, twice, and I hear they've really improved since. And I don't remember John being so damn good either. He has definitely improved!!

That particular band left the stage, it changed up and the rest of the jam was just that....a loose jam.
Jams are great for discovering new talent and all, and I'm a firm believer in them and believe they have their place but just not at shows. Ain't nuthin' worse when you go expecting a show and you get a jam. This jam was alright. No, it didn't creep into Nick's show at all.

I waited, and wandered around, making many trips to the van, I even locked my keys in the van for the very first time ever! I panicked. It was fifteen minutes before Nick came on and I wasn't sure what to do. I saw Rolf and he gave me a ride to my house to get my spare. That was so sweet. He didn't hesitate either. We made it back and Nick was just half way through the first song- whew!!
Thanks, Rolf. You're a life-saver.

Nick is so awesome. Just straight up Chicago Blues.
He's a bit hairier than last time but it sure don't effect his playing.
I remember when I saw him at Biscuits a couple years ago, when it was time to rip on the guitar, he would stand back in the shadows on the far left. This time, it was behind the suitcase on stage left. I knew when he stepped over that way and behind that suitcase, that's when the magic would start.
The band is multi-talented with everyone switching instruments all the time. Nick played lots of harp on this night and man....he sure can play that thing!
Me? I would've preferred just Nick's guitar all night but he does have one helluva talented band.
One of the best piano players I've ever heard that, Willy Oshawny. Yes, I had to look up that spelling. Plays bass and sings too.
The bass player, Gerry Hundt, put down the bass for a few and played an electric mandolin and sang a couple and it was great!!
He really played that thing like I've never heard a mandolin played before. I love his voice too.
Can't remember who the drummer was and for that I apologize. Great blues band, filled with all that Chicago tradition of letting everyone shine.

I can't get over at how good Nick was on that harp! But his guitar is what gets under my skin. I love the tone of it and the way he just steps up and takes it away. His voice is haunting. He writes a lot and I don't remember hearing many of his older songs.
I know a few of us requested Sadie Mae while talkin' with him on break, he said he would see what he could do but we didn't hear it. That's Ok because he has much new material to share. Really nice guy, highly approachable, and just down-home folk the lot of them.

I picked up his new double CD and it's pretty darn good just as the others are. The first disc is Nick doing his thing and the second features the band's talents and some real down-home blues. Man..... does he have a lot of Cds out!

Thank You Dave and Bill for bringing Nick and the Fliptops to us. It was a real treat.
I'll probably go down to Biscuits to see him again next Saturday, not sure yet.
I suggest you all do the same.
He'll be at the San Fran Blues Fest on Saturday, the 29th, Biscuits that same night and Friday the 28th, he'll be at The Torch Club in Sac.

Love to you Nick and gang. You guys are awesome. Thank you for bringing us some Chicago Blues and hanging with us. Have a great tour and safe return home to Chi-town!


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Eric Johnson at the Mystic & Ramblin' by:mo (9/17/07)

What a busy week I had last week. All weeknight blues, while going to work as well and I wasn't late 'cept for once. It's taken me all weekend to catch up on rest and also getting caught up around my house.
I was so fried by Friday night, that after work I did absolutely nothing after I got home that evening. Yep, a netflix night. I didn't even make it through the darn movie before I was passed out on the couch!
I awoke, once again, to the critters wanting breakfast. And man....that couch don't do your back no good either, that's for sure.

It started out on Monday night when I went to see Eric Johnson. He was at the Mystic Theater. I had heard of him but wasn't familiar with his stuff at all, knew he was a favorite of some other famous guitarists, heard he was most extraordinary on that guitar, and so now it was time to finally see what all the fuss was about.

I got there and the place was filling fast. The opener was Tucker Roundtree, I think he was called. A power trio and what a trio it was!
Not blues perse but powerful all the same.
Amazing all the stuff they had going on on stage. Very fusiony, and loaded with Jazz. The kid can play the hell outta that guitar, no doubt. Fun but just not my style. I was wantin' that blues.

Eric was about to come on and I was getting a drift of what he would be like when someone told me that Tucker was the perfect opener for Eric so that kind of clued me in to his style.
It was alright. He's a fabulous guitarist, I must admit, but again... not my style. Way out there and I need predictability. Amazing though, I swore I heard some rhythm guitar riffs while he was doing leads and solos. Yep, he was playing both at the same time. A powerful rock/jazz/blues/fusion guitarist. I like rock, I love blues, I like some jazzy stuff, but when you combine all those and it's waaay fusiony, it's a bit too much for me.
I was thinking, while standing there on the packed-like-sardines dance floor, that to appreciate this kind of music, there's a certain part of the brain that must be open to really enjoy it and my is sealed shut.
A pretty packed house and what a following he has. And on a Monday too! Lots of youngsters too.

I left there early and headed home. As I was passing Penngrove, I decided to stop at The Black Cat to catch a couple songs at Karl's Monday Jam.
They were wrapping it up. Mike Emerson was there sitting in on keys. They were jammin. It ended two songs later.
As I was leaving, Karl put on some of his own house music and man....what a trip down memory lane that was!!
It was Frank Zappa's 'Over-Nite Sensation' and the song was "Fifty-Fifty'. I was trippin' on that 'cause I hadn't heard that in years!! I even have the vinyl of it and haven't pulled it out since the last time I can't remember. I was leaving but had to stand and just listen to it while they were packing up their gear. What foggy memories that brings back.
That Frank was a trip and a musical genius. I know everyone remembers "I Am the Slime" and "Yellow Snow". I have since pulled out the albums and have had some good laughs to his records "Apostrophe" and "Over-Nite Sensation".
"Moving to Montana soon. Gonna be a dental floss tycoon....."
Man, he was great!

I left after the song and headed home to catch some shut-eye.
I was glad I finally got to hear this Eric Johnson even though it's not my brand of blues. Amazing all the different shades of the blues there are, isn't it?


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September 16, 2007

Let's Hear It For Johnny Rawls........by:mo (9/15/07)

....Ladies & Gentlemen, give it up one more time for Mr Johnny Rawls.....!!

What a great night that was!
I was wonderin' if maybe too much of a good thing is a bad thing but not in this case.
Johnny Rawls is just so good that it's never too much. In fact....it's never enough!

I love his guitar work. It's so gentle and sweet. It's delicate and intricate. It caresses my soul, my body, and is downright tantalizing.
He just plays that thing and never looks at it. He just strolls the stage area, looking about, all the while just playing that thing so effortlessly.
It's real sweet and I could've made love to that stuff all night long. Yes, I make love to the blues, so what. It's safe, almost always satisfying 'cept if it's a bad show, and no complications or heartaches. Loyal and always there for me when I need the companionship.

Johnny Rawls is the real deal and a true blues/soul man.
It's was a real treat to have him in our neck of the woods for this tour of his. Thank you, Johnny for coming out here and hanging out with us North Coast folks for a spell. We loved having you and we will miss you!
Hat tip to the Blues Defenders for they have turned out to be one helluva tight blues band!
They back him beautifully in those soulful numbers too.

Pretty good dancin' crowd at the 'winds. As he laid down his guitar after the last song, the dancin' lady, Barbara, said, and I don't think she knew anyone heard her for she kinda said it to herself, "I'm gonna miss him" as she hung her head and walked off the dance floor.
That was so sweet. I walked up to her and told her I would too. She was at every show of his just about I had heard and I just love that lady's spirit. I don't know where she came from but she appeared about 6 months ago and I see her at many local shows and she is one hell of a dancer!
Great addition to the live music scene this Dancin' Barb!

Thank You Tradewinds for having Johnny.
Between the Last Day Saloon and the Tradewinds, we have us a semi- blues scene here in Sonoma County.

What a week of blues ahead!
Eric Johnson for some rippin, rockin' blues at the Mystic on Monday. My blues bud at work talked me into this one. He loves that vein of the blues and yes, I admit that I do too.
Wednesday is Nick Moss at the Last Day Saloon. Straight up Chicago blues and man can he play dat gitar!!! I can't wait for that one.
Thursday, again some rippin rockin' blues guitar with Joe Bonamassa at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fran.
This guy is amazing!
Again....blues bud at work is a HUGE fan of this guy. I'm taggin along with his family. They kind of adopted me, it seems ;-)

I was thinking of going to Rancho Nicasio today for Elvin Bishop and John Nemeth at the BBQ on the Lawn deal there but I doubt if I go. I've got some ceiling retexturing to do and priming before I paint.
I scraped all that popcorn crap off the ceiling in a room and what a mess that was. I hate that stuff. I'm getting brave with colors these days but still not sure what color to paint this room.
I'm leaning toward some shades of blues.......what do ya think?

Have a great Sunday whatever you do and talk at ya later,

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Just A Few Shows-Rawls, Dudek, Pulsators.... by: mo (9/15/07)

Just some reflection on a few shows I've been to this past week......

First off, I just gotta say that it took me all week to recover from that Levi Lloyd Trio show last Saturday Night (9/8) at the Tradewinds. It's gonna be hard to top that show!!

I went to the Forestville Club the following Sunday (9/9) afternoon for more Johnny Rawls. I got word that it was a start up of 5pm so that was good enough for me. I'm just not gonna attempt to go down to the City for any afternoon shows at least until winter gets here and people are staying home more. The traffic is just too much to bare. I wish winter would hurry up and get here though 'cause I'm sure gettin that "Apple Jack and Blues Power" itch. They play at the Saloon on Sunday afternoons and well worth the hassle.

The turnout at the Forestville Club for Johnny was awful. I felt bad for the poor guy. Talkin' with people afterwards at other shows about it, no one knew about it. It wasn't promoted, publicized well or nuthin'. All the same, he sounded pretty good. He did lots of soul numbers and his singing was the highlite on this night. Man....can he sing some sweet and very soulful songs!!
His band, The Blues Defenders, sure are soundin' tight these days. Really good band.
Johnny and band are gonna be at the Tradewinds here in a few hours, it's close to home, and so I'll be there. I really don't feel like traveling too far tonight.

Last Thursday night (9/13), I went to the Last Day Saloon to hear Les Dudek. Killer guitar I heard, so I went.
The opener was the best part of this show. No, it wasn't blues but Les was such a letdown that they stole show.

"Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective" was the name of the band and the name pretty much sums it up. A power trio with a fiddle, a guitar and a simple three piece drum kit. It was amazing all the stuff they had going on up there on stage!
The drummer was awesome! A big bass drum with a snare and a high hat.....that's it! He was tearin' it up.
The guitarist had a few tricks of his own and some might call it cheating. He would play a riff on his guitar, step on a pedal and it was recorded and it played over & and over while he put that down and picked up something else to play. He had a few instruments going at one time in this manner and the song just grew and grew with the whole band building up around it to this energized, euphoric, piece that just left me standing there with my mouth hung open. Just too much fun to watch. Great arrangements, loads of originals, and just a bundle of energy this band has.

I waited around for Les to come on and it took forever. He came up at 10pm and I was anxiously waiting to hear this "killer guitar".
It started off bad from the get-go. The stage monitors weren't working properly so it was hard to hear the vocals but the band sounded alright. Man, was he unhappy with the sound guy. I was really starting to feel sorry for the poor guy. After every song he let into him. It was ridiculous, to say the least. No, we couldn't make out the vocals too well but most were there to hear that guitar anyway so why not just make it an instrumental show? The guy really does play badass guitar and had what it takes but noooo... he walked off stage after apologizing for the sound and said he couldn't play for us like that. The crowd was not happy. Some were yelling,"just deal with it. we don't care!". He should've just went with it instead whining the whole time and stormin' off stage. He is no doubt a great guitar player and to be honest, I just wanted to hear that and not his singing.
That was waste of time and loss of precious sleep for nothing. Oh, wait, I take that back....The opener was awesome and well worth it.

I was pondering something while sitting outside waiting for Les to come on and that is....The Last Day is about as close to a blues club we have here in Sonoma County. Sure I bitch about the tables on the dance floor and so on & so on... but I do appreciate all the blues they have there and there is lots of it.

Thank You, Dave for bringing us some great live music and sorry for naggin' about the way you set your floor up. Hey, it's your club you can do what you want with it. Just a heads up on the "limited dancefloor" situation would be great ;-)
And a HUGE THANK YOU for bringing Nick Moss up here this coming Wednesday Night. (9/19) I can't wait!!

I went out lastnight (9/14) to hear the Pulsators at the Tradewinds. I just love these guys. No, it's not strictly blues but they do enough of it to keep me happy all night. I tell you what though, the blues is where that Douglas McKenzie is most at home on that guitar, I can tell. The guy plays some real nice blues guitar.
Sure seems like they did more blues than usual lastnight. It was a fun night but man was I wiped from the starting gate. Of course the two beers I had didn't help but they sure went down good after a hard work week. Tommy Tutone sat in for a few songs and that was fun too.
Great, great band, The Pulsators. I had a blast and when I got home, I was out like a light. I awoke on the couch with a dog and a cat in my face whining for breakfast. There's no sleeping in with them two, I swear.

I got much accomplished today fixing up my palace. It's been nice spending time alone with just me, the blues, and of course the critters, fixing up my home.
I'm re-doing my house a bit. Taking shit off the walls, painting, ripping out carpet and all sorts of stuff. I'm making it my place now and I think it will reflect me. Switching gears from mother and wife to living alone is a big change but it seems to be smoothing out now and I'm getting to know me. It was scary but come to find out....I'm not so scary after all.

Well....thanks for lettin' me ramble. I gotta go get ready to go down to the Tradewinds for one last show of Johnny Rawls and this whirlwind bay area tour he's had goin' on. The guy has been busy, that's for sure.


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Levi Lloyd Trio! by mo (9/8/07)

So, I wasn't sure if any band was going to be there at all after the DJ thing the Friday night before but I went anyway.
I drove past the Tradewinds and sure enough, there was Louie, bass player extraordinaire, hanging out in the front. As I was walkin' up I said hello to Dee Wills. Soundman and the soulman of Sonoma County, and he says "Mo, good to see you and I think you're gonna love tonight".
I says, "I hope so and I'm sure I will" but to be honest, I wasn't sure of the latter.
He says, "No, really, we've got Willy Jordan on drums and tonight is gonna be a treat!".
His enthusiasm was infectious and I was pumped!.

The band started and it took me well into the first song to realize that we had ourselves.... The Levi Lloyd Trio!
I got really excited and then it hit me and I became worried - I don't think I've ever seen Levi in the trio format and I was wonderin' if he had it in him. "Aaah, don't worry", I said to myself, This is Levi is his purest form. The moment I've been dreaming of. No distractions, no fillers, just pure Levi. And Willy backing him and pushing him, and Louie doing the same, there was nothing to worry about, right?

Man.... was I wrong to even worry for a second! I'm ashamed to have even thought like that.
This is by far, the best I've ever heard Levi. I was in blues guitar heaven and if I died right then and there it would've been cool because like I said, I was in heaven already. I was floored, I was pullin' at my hair, ready to crawl, beg him to stop because I just couldn't take anymore, and I had to sit after an instrumental number they did because if I didn't I was gonna fall, my knees were so wobbly.
This is what I've been dreamin' of - A whole night of Levi, fronting his own band and really steppin' up to the plate. It was HIS show and what a show it was!
Yep, he really took the reigns on this one.

There was one moment where Levi was rippin' a solo, and I mean just rippin' it, off in his world somewhere, and Willy and Louie were building up the song behind him and it just built up & up & up....and then it happened.....Willy's leash snap and the guy went wild!! I mean he was standing up over them drums and he became this intense wild madman back there. All the while Levi was goin' at it, Louie right behind them and I found myself just standing, watching, jaw on the ground. It was way too much, the crowd cheered and then about a minute later, it hit me and I couldn't believe what I just saw and heard!
I was thinking to myself if I only had a picture of Willy in that state....no, better yet, a video because that was an amazing sight! But it don't matter because that moment will forever be burned into my memory. I have never seen that side of Willy before and it almost scared me.
Was that two sticks in each hand I saw?

An amazing band this here trio. It was magic.
Willy's really sounding great these days. He always sounds good but lastnight was real special. Everyone- Louie, Willy and Levi, had a lot of ground to cover and they covered every square inch, wall to wall.

Dee Wills, Soulman of Sonoma County, got up and sang us some. It's always a treat to hear him. And you can bet, when he's at the sound board, it's gonna sound great!
Carl "Boom Boom" Bowers sat in on the T-bone for a couple of sets and that was cool.
Beth Kohen got up and played some harp. She's really good. Love her style. Very laidback, gentle but effective. She plays off Levi really good and I never heard her crowd anyone. Really nice style. I've got to catch up to her band and soon.
Karl Marinko sat up his keys in the last set and that was kool. Always a treat to hear and see him. I just love that guy's style. Steve Guererro came by and sat in the drums for a couple of songs.

Levi....I love ya, man. You really got to me lastnight. I almost had to surrender a few times. I'm not sure what happens when it comes to that because I've never gotten that far, yet, but you are the one who can take me there. You are my blues guitar hero. Sure you can do it all but when you play dem blues....it's euphoric. Wonder if you even realizes just how good you are?
I think this here band should stay together and these guys should hit the road because it was that good and others need to hear and see what we saw lastnight at the Tradewinds.

Thanks Gang, you have fulfilled a dream of mine I've had for some time. Problem is....I need another dream.
(I think James Armstrong has a song by that title)

Love ya!

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Friday Night Letdown/Ramblin's by: mo (9/07)

I was gonna go down to Biscuits & Blues to check on Joe Louis Walker lastnight. He has been sounding great the last two times I saw him, he's always been one of my favorites, and I was just hopin' that he still had that momentum going.
Things were bad there for awhile for him. At least that's how his shows were sounding. Ever since he came back from France, he's been sounding really good. I'm hopin' it sticks. I never made it down there. I was wiped, too expensive to park, gas, tolls etc....
I also noticed that Tradewinds had a band I never heard of. I googled them, "Lane Coker & Big Delta" and their website came up. I think what got my curiosity was the "Delta" part.
Read their bio and it sounded interesting enough, their calendar said they were scheduled for the Tradewinds too so that was a plus.
So that was that.... I was staying close to home to check out this band from the south bay area that I've never heard of.

I drove through downtown Cotati and it's great to see it hoppin' again. Friar Tucks is open at the old 'Inn of the Beginning' and Spancky's was goin' at it too. I pulled thru the alley and into the Tradewinds parking lot and man.....was it dead!!
Got out, walked up and saw they had no instruments on the stage area but they did have a DJ going at it.
I just couldn't believe it!! Again???
I asked Dwight, the doorguy, what was goin' on with the 'winds these days and he could only say, "things have changed, Mo".
I guess.....
I'm not upset or angry for the inconvience but I am really sad to see it coming to this- A DJ on a weekend.
This wasn't the first time and it seems it won't be the last, I'm afraid.
The place was empty too.

I ventured across the street to Spancky's cuz I heard some live sounds coming outta there. It was heavy metal and it sounded pretty damn good so I stuck around for a set. Motogruv was their name and their sound was wicked. I love that wicked metal sound. The guy could sing, I mean scream, and had that voice of an angry Youngman. The band was good but it's a good thing I'm not epileptic because I would've had a seizure for sure with those blinding flashing lights. That was fun and I do say that was one of the best local metal bands I've seen around here yet. Nothing punk or shredding about them.
I looked around and it seemed I was the oldest one in the place. I didn't care but when they were announcing someone's Birthday and jokingly said, "Hey happy Birthday, man. How old are now? 40?" and everyone started laughing....that's when I really felt outta place.
I stuck it out for the set but bailed after that.
I was thinking of my boy, the musician/soldier, he would've liked this band. I was also thinking about the band he and his friends had before they split up and how much better they sounded. I really miss hearing them out in the garage studio. I put on their Cds every so often but it's just not the same.

I was thinking to myself on the way home that I should've headed to the city in the first place just like I planned. That would be the second time this week I bowed out of going there, the first being the James Armstrong show last Tuesday. I really regret missing that one. I've been most curious has to how James is sounding these days.
It was too late to head down to B&Bs the time being 10pm and all and living an hour north, so I just went home and crashed.
Aaaah well....I'm really trying to stay in Sonoma County to support the blues but it just doesn't have it goin' on most the time. The blues, I mean.
It's so sporadic.

Tonite?? I don't see anything worth venturing out for so I'm saving my money and gas for another day. I see Levi Lloyd is scheduled for the Tradewinds tonight but who knows.....
Shoot, maybe Sunday night, if I can afford the loss of sleep on a school night, I might head to the west county and the Forestville Club for some more of that Johnny Rawls. But that start up of 9:30 really has me doubting it. What a show he put on in Healdsburg a couple of weeks back.

Great to see Nick Moss will be in town, Wednesday the 19th at the Last Day Saloon, so now I don't have to travel so far for that show. I probably will anyway just to catch him twice. He's so good and just straight up Chicago blues, baby!!
It just don't get any better than that.

I did have me a netflix night lastnight before I crashed and it was with Howlin' Wolf!
He was so awesome, wasn't he? He was a serious bluesman and that Hubert was really puttin' it out in those days!! Man, just to listen what he's playing there in the back is amazing!
I've got a few of his cds when he's on his own but back in the Wolf days, he was at his best. That's just my humble opinion. I still listen to his stuff, all the time as a matter of fact, but watching this film gave me a new appreciation of Hubert's guitar work back in the days. Wowsers!!
Hubert's on the film, a lot needless to say, talkin' about the Wolf and he'll play a bit all the while laughing like a little kid. He's so cute and so giddy. Great stories of the Wolf, and a really good piece here. That is if you can stand listening to that Marshall guy. I don't know what it is about him, or the whole story of the Chess family, but just listening to them, it just sounds so fake, so phony. They didn't seem sincere or something. All I see is $$ signs in their eyes. This is just what I get from listening to them and their stories. I don't know....maybe I'm wrong.
But...I'm gonna watch it at least a few more times before I send it back.
I remember the first time I heard Chester howlin', it scared me half to death. Kind of like Ron Hacker did the first time I heard him. It's that goosebump, hair-raisin' kind of scary. That hypnotic sound that just mesmerizes you. Haunting.
Man, I love that!!

Thanks for lettin' me ramble.

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Now That's What I'm Talkin' About, Daniel! by: mo (9/1/07)

I woke up this mornin', really early like clock work, thinking I was late for work. I hate when I do that. I couldn't go back to sleep. Not because I wasn't tired, I was, but because of what had happened lastnight came back to my head once the cobwebs cleared a bit. As I was laying there still sticky with sweat, and I was wonderin' if what I witnessed lastnight was a dream or if it in fact was real. Once I realized it wasn't a dream, my heart started poundin', my head spinnin', thinking of just how awesome that real show was!
I truly couldn't go back to sleep. My adrendiline is still pumped!
I will be getting lots done around hear today.
I'm not gonna try to go out and hear any music today to try and fulfill that need because I have been satisfied.
Talk about a real show. It just don't get any better than that there lastnight. For me anyway.

I'm tired of embarrassing myself by ending up on the floor so I really tried hard not end up there too much. I was in the air quite a bit and I haven't been that drenched with sweat in a looong while.
T., Blade, Michael, and especially you, Danny, I just love you guys! You are the best.

Danny just played and played. He really stepped up to the plate on this one. I could never get bored listening to him play that guitar. Never a boring moment when he gets goin'.
It gets to where I just don't know what else to when he gets me there. It's either jump around and up & down, pound the floor or crawl to him and beg for mercy, or yell, scream and whistle as loud as I can because if I don't do something I feel I'm gonna explode!!
It's a weird feeling when a guitar can take me to that point. I can't explain it. Sometimes, my neck gets real tight and it feels like that juggler vain is gonna burst. I start pullin' at my hair too. I just can't explain it. I'm not gonna try to figure out why it does that to me but it's the best damn high ever!!

Of course, a drivin' band such as these guys just makes even more so euphoric. I just love you guys.

No openers, no jams, just pure unadulterated Daniel Castro. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks gang. Thank you, Last Day for having them.
Those of you who missed out....well....YOU MISSED OUT!!
Daniel's back.......

I wish I had lastnight on CD or something. That would most awesome. Funny how live shows are much more rippin' than studio recordings. It's as though musicians hold back, are more restrained in the studio. I can't count the times I've gone to see someone, picked up a CD of theirs only to be disappointed. Nope, nuthin' beats that live sound.
Wonder why they can't just cut loose in the studio like they do on stage.
Man....I'd pay top dollar for a copy of lastnight's show of Daniel and band.

I don't know what else to say except....be on the lookout all you Sonoma County Blues lovers because Daniel Castro's back!!


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September 03, 2007

Daniel Castro at Last Day Saloon 9/1/07

Wow! Wow! Wow! If you weren’t there you missed it!

No shared bill, no celebrity jams, just Daniel Castro on his best telecasters, Michael Emerson on organ and piano, Glade Rasmussen on his space age bass, and T. Moran on his large drum kit. Straight, no chaser for three sets.

Right out of the box they were on fire. Daniel cut loose with a hot one and he was loose with lots of his patented telecaster sounds like growling cats, and zinging, ringing finger vibrato. Michael Emerson was right with him and had his best, abstracted look on his face. Glade was leaning into his radial fretted fingerboard like he does when he’s engaged. T. Pounded the drums and looked energized.

I wanted this gig, just straight Daniel with lots of guitar and Mike’s keyboard solos. As soon as it was announced I got it up on the message board and the calendars. Daniel has made a big push to get a greater level of recognition in troubled times for live music and the music business in general. That’s led to shows with other artists, shows with jams attached, shows with Daniel being part of a line up. Up here in Sonoma County with our venues seemingly contracting or going DJ or karaoke we’ve had fewer of Daniel’s regular shows. And here it was: All Daniel, straight, no chaser.

Switching to a medium tempo it was “Crosscut Saw” done a little slower than usual with a pounding beat with a touch of Latin rhythm from T. Moran’s drums. Albert King is one of Daniel’s “daddies” as a player and the workout they gave this famous tune showed just how much Daniel has made his influences into his own style. Hard and cutting, it also had that grit Daniel gives guitar parts. The audience was going nuts and while we were cheering the band went into another tune without a break. The “fire out/crying out’ intro of “Walking the Dog” made the dancers go nuts. The band took this all kinds of places, including one part that was some where out in space as Shoeless Mike Emerson cut loose with a solo that perfectly was the song and simultaneously out on the rings of Saturn. Daniel’s guitar parts on this song were simply ferocious like a mad dog Otis Rush, incredible guitar. This got funkier and funkier and somehow they transformed the tune into Sly Stone’s “"Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).” Stupendous!

They went right into a slow blues with fiery licks. Deep personal soul delivered from one heart to another, from the loudest cry down to a very whisper, all the while T. Moran made insistent slow blues rhythm that was the foundation of the song. Then from a whisper to a scream the searing licks ripping right through me. Powerful finger vibrato powered the licks right to the soul. Mike Emerson did a huge great solo that was the equal of Daniel’s work and deep within the blues tradition and again way out there. Mike’s musical knowledge and understanding is huge and allows him to somehow be very concrete and very abstract at the same time.

Daniel went into a hot dance tune with a very regular rhythm and then began to alter it. Suddenly out of nowhere Daniel was playing quotes from bill Doggett’s classic “Honky Tonk” and grinning at Mike who picked right up on it. This transmuted into “Jealous Man (Crazy about my baby too much)” with a bravura ending. The guys were having too much fun. Wild intensity was the feel of the whole set.

Daniel did a tribute tone of his heroes and influences, Albert Collins and did a fiery “Honey Hush” with some slashing licks that set the tune up just right. From there it was right into another guitar hero and “Let Me Love You Baby” done way beyond the Jeff Beck version.

Now “Sweet Home Chicago” isn’t one of my favorites usually, it’s been done to death. But Daniel twisted this around and riding on top of Mike Emerson’s piano vamp he took it far from the sing-along so often seen in bars. Working the song for all it was worth and evolving the feel, suddenly the song was “Tequila” (you know, by the Champs) and it’s garage rock classic simple vamp—only T. Moran injected a whole Latin feel into the mix and the thing had an almost cha-cha feel. A real gas with the hot playing.

At the break Daniel told me he’s going back into the studio as soon as he can get some additional money together. “We needed a new CD two years ago!” I really don’t understand why Daniel remains unsigned; He’s simply as good or better than many supposed national acts.

The second set was hot from the beginning too. Daniel fired out on “I’m Sorry (Let me come back home)” and played burning guitar for several verses along with Mike’s great organ work before doing the vocal. Sometimes in the bars Daniel makes this into a story song and does stage schtick to draw the audience in. He didn’t have to draw this audience in—we were screaming and hollering. Daniel did the words and got right back to doing the solos we were yelling for.

Daniel did several things this night I hadn’t seen before. On the next number he and Mike and the band went into an early rock straight eight to the bar feel sort of like “Mercury blues” and twisted and evolved the song, until suddenly it was “Shake Your Money Maker” and a fast shuffle.

Daniel announced, “We haven’t done this song in a long time, it’s by a band in Canada.” It was one of my favorites from times gone by, “Hear That Guitar Ring,” with it’s story line of having seen too much, and keeping on for love of the guitar and music. This song is a bit more lyrical than some Daniel does and it was a great change of pace.

This set seemed to have more showcase tunes and the versions of “High Heeled Sneakers” had a bunch of great solo work and wild evolutions in rock and roll rhythm with screaming fast guitar. Wow. This led right into “Empty Arms” done fast with it’s signature riff done hard.

Daniel announced Sonny Landreth’s “Congo Square” with a tribute to Sonny’s legendary and unusual plying. The band started this slow and with a lot of expression. As the tempo increased so did the complexity and this became a tour de force that showed just how much this band really can do. It was filled with cross and counter rhythms. I’m impressed; this song was so together and yet abstract.

A slow blues with no words was expression beyond words. Audience members were calling out when a lick or phrase really touched them, an effect I’ve seen only with the greats. People had their hands over their hearts and then both arms up in the air. Ice blue licks and screaming and crying happened with this tune.

For the last part of the night Daniel brought his sister Gypsy up on stage to sing. I think Gypsy is a resident of Hawaii and she said “Aloha!” and “Mahalo!” to the crowd. I’m not sure if the first number had an exact name, it sure had a lot of classic wandering verses of the great women singers in it. With big chest tones and a powerful delivery Gypsy showed she was Ma Rainey’s daughter. Men are no good, but she needs her baby and she ain’t gonna be owned by any of them! Yessir, it was classic. Daniel had a lot of fun playing fills behind her and Mike knew just how to have that piano sound foundation for her.

The last song of the night was a long version of “(Turn on your) Lovelight” done their way. There was a lot of joy on stage in that, brother and sister able to play together again. They were having fun.

It was time to end it; the band was beginning to look tired; they’d put out amazing amounts of energy. With the last note, the band turned inward and didn’t look at the crowd, they were so spent they didn’t have energy for handshaking and they wanted to congratulate each other on one of the great nights.

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September 01, 2007

A Few Sonoma County Shows- Aces, Hell Hounds, Rawls, KRSH Backyard. by: mo (8/07)

Nice write ups, Rolf, on the Aces show and The Johnny Rawls show.

It was so good to finally catch up to some blues after much settling. Not that the bands I saw the last week or so ago weren't good, they were great, but I was starved for some blues. The Aces were the cure that last Friday Night.
They sounded so good. It's great to see them out and about again. I really hope they keep the momentum going. Everyone in the band was in top form. That David Burke was really drivin' that sound, wasn't he?
They all sounded great!

It was a bit of a surprise to see Mike Gutch sitting behind the drum kit this time instead of standing like he usually does.. And what a strange set up he had going on.
Derek Irving is one of Sonoma County's best kept secrets no doubt. The guy can really play some guitar. Skye was soundin' really good on that harp and his vocals are just so hypnotic.
Great show and there were a few times where I found true blues bliss. It was so cool.
The cement dance area was hard on the feet and legs after a long day at work, so after that show, I headed for home. Wanted to stop and hear Michael Barclay but didn't make it.

I can't remember what I did on Saturday, probably nothing, but Sunday Dee and I went to Downtown Petaluma hear The Hellhounds in the Bluz & Jazz in the Plazz thing. It would be the last day for that summer concert series too.
That was pretty cool. We had us two shows in one for there was a dancer there and man was he good! Quite entertaining. It was fun watching him. Looked like he should've been in some dance troop or the musical Stomp, or something.

The Hellhounds were sounding good. Phil was really stretching out on that guitar. Another one of Sonoma County's finest right there.
Dave Chavoya on harp is definitely one of my favorites. They cover the classic blues songs and with more heart & should than most.
I love this band and really need to get out and hear them more often.

The Johnny Rawls show was AWESOME!!
The whole first set was Johnny playing guitar....guitar...guitar!
It was probably the best I've heard him since the very first time I saw him some years backs out at Connelly's on the Russian River.
I could've left after the first set and been satisfied. The second was more of that Chitlan's Circuit show kind of stuff. He put down his guitar most the time and sang that "shake that bootie" kind of stuff and that was cool but man....that guitar was the best.
I can't remember the song, but he would sing a bit, then Play...play...play.... then all of the sudden stop and bring you down a bit with some more singing, than the guitar would bring you back up...up...up...then he would stop, bring you down with singing again....this went on for at least 4-5 rounds and it was euphoric. It seemed he knew just when to hold back ;-)

The venue there at the Healdsburg Plaza was packed!! The people there sure like to dance. Great crowd and man....was it hot!!
I left there and headed home. The full moon on my left was spectacular!! Just rising over the hills and some dark wispy clouds were streaking through it. It was an awesome sight. It was worth slowin down for.
Yep, Johnny Rawls is sounding really good these days.

What a great run of music and I didn't even have to leave the county!

I went to the KRSH backyard series show yesterday (Thursday) and it was alright. I'm just not into that Americana/Roots music much.
The opener, The Thursday Night band sounded great.
They really mixed it up and that DJ, Andre de Channes sure can play some pretty good guitar. He did a great job throwing that band together.
He had Don Bassy on bass; Gary Silva on drums; Spencer Burrows on keys and it was tight for a band that never played together before.
He invited a few singers up one was Joni Davis and she was really good. Then after that, the Headliner, Augie Meyers & Jeffry Halford came up.
Like I said before, I'm just not into the whole Roots/Americana thing. I can listen to some, and actually grew up on some thanks to my Hippie Mother, but these days it all about the blues baby! For me anyway.
Funny though....how the music is heavily blues influenced.
I left there early and headed home for some much needed food and sleep.
I really love this backyard series they have. The setting is beautiful, the people really nice, it's very comfortable and intimate. I will make it a point to attend more of these next season.
I love the KRSH for supporting the blues.
And Thank You Andre for supporting Local artists on your Thursday Night Live show.
Good Luck to you Pam Long in your future endeavors. I can tell you will surely be missed at that station.

Tonite.....? I'm not sure what to do. I know the city and all it's mess is outta of the question on this Labor day weekend.
Maybe I'll do something tonight but I know for sure tomorrow....it's Daniel Castro at the Last Day Saloon!!
Nuthin' but Daniel on that guitar...no openers, no jam....just Danny. I can't wait!!

Have a great music-filled weekend!

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Jake Mackey & the Muddy Suns! by:mo (8/07)

I hadn't seen Jake Mackey in a few years. He was just a kid then and pretty damn good. I had heard he had only gotten better so what the hell....why not go check him out. What I did remember from when he was much younger was that he ripped on that guitar, wrote some, and sang.
Geared towards rock/world beat but I was hopin' just maybe.....and with a name like Jake Mackey & the Muddy Suns, it just sounds Bluesy don't it?



So, I drove to the Russian River Brewery on fourth street in Santa Rosa. I didn't remember that the Farmers Market was going on and downtown was blocked off. It didn't matter much for I found parking right behind the brewery. Easy doin'!
Walked in and the first person I noticed was Steve Fromberg standing there. I asked him if he was playing, he said,"Yes" and I said, "Awesome".
Right then I knew it was gonna be a solid back beat for he is one of the best bass players around!

I mosied around fourth street and headed down to the Sweet Spot to check out what was going on there. It was Fortunate Sons and I never heard them before. They were playing some cover song I recognized but couldn't place my finger on it. It wasn't blues and no....it wasn't a Creedence Clearwater song. I kinda thought that with a name like "Fortunate Sons" that they might be a CCR cover band.
I headed back over to the brewery. I didn't have long before I turned into a pumpkin so there was no time to waste here. It was a school nite after all.

Downtown was busy, that's for sure. Pretty good size market. The brewery was full and this is the place to be for the youngsters, no doubt. Sure there were a few older folks like myself but mostly it was a place for the college kind of crowd.
And it's no wonder Jake Mackey keeps gettin' gigs there because I would venture to say that his music is geared towards the younger crowd. It's got that Reggae feel with some R&B thrown in there. If he started rappin' the songs it could be that dancehall raggae stuff that all the rave these days. It also has a New Orleans flavor to it. I asked a few people if he played any blues and they assured me he did but I didn't hear much except in his guitar licks!!
He is very good on that guitar and he rips some blues on it but the band kept it reggae/world beat. One exceptional band that's for sure!!
He had a percussionist who played a conga thingy and he was great!! He would sing one too. The whole band was tops. I had fun watching all the stuff that was going on with just four guys up there! They were tight.
Yep, that Jake Mackey sure can play that guitar. It was featured all through the night. He can really sing too. He writes, sings, Plays, he's got it goin' on these days. Very talented young man. A show worth checking out if you haven't yet.

But, I was starved and getting hungrier by the minute for some blues. I was hopin' for a shuffle somewhere in the mix.

The crowd was awesome!! I had to turn away from the bandstand every now & then just to get some of their energy. It was very cool. What a bunch of dancin' fools. Really good dancing going on and the little tile dance area stayed full. They loved what they were hearing. I had a blast but left after the long first set. Work was fast approaching. I left feeling pretty good, and glad I finally caught up to this guy again, but still unsatisfied and like I said, hungry for the blues.
I wish I could expand my horizons and stop being so narrow-minded about my music preference but I'm sorry....it's gotta be blues. I could listen to that shit all day and night and I do. It drives my co-workers crazy and the kids always got tired of it too. Even when it's not playing, it's in my head, my heart, and deep in my soul. I can't seem to put these ol' blues down.
It's true what they say about the blues.....once you've been bitten, there's no going back.


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Windsor's Last Town Green Concert & Ramblin's by: mo (8/07)

Dee mentioned she was going to the concert in Windsor's Town Green, the last concert of their summer series, so when I got off work we went up there. I was getting tired of coming home to this quiet house lately so what the hell....why not?
Got to keep busy just to keep the mind from chattering too much right now. It should quiet down here pretty soon, I hope. My mind, I mean. That constant chattering can make a person crazy!
They say time heals all. And so far, it seems to be true. Thank goodness for the music.

So anyway....
The main reason I don't go to these outdoor concert things is that damn sun!
I've got really be careful and the heat does a number on me. I've got to cover up, wear a hat, slather on the sunscreen, drink lots of water, it's just too much. Give me the blues in a dark, smelly night club any ol' day!

Got there in time to catch the opener- Mr. Music.
He was fun.
He had his keyboard and acoustic guitar and sang us some traditional Folksy American songs. All the great sing-alongs including "This Land is your Land" and that hymn "Ain't Gonna Study War No More....."
Mostly though, it was all about the kids. I guess he plays in schools around the county and what a fun assembly that would be. He loves the kids and brings them out of their shyness with his playfulness in his song and his gentle smile.
He offered tambourines and shakers to make sure they felt they were participating. They got to sing in the mic and it was the cutest thing.
Hats off to Mr.Music for spreading music to the kids through the schools.

Tom Rigney & Flambeau came on and we were on our way.
I know...I know....it ain't really the blues I was lookin for but what a band this was!!
Here we go with some cajun/zydeco/New Orleans stuff.
Now, I can only handle so much of this stuff but these guys really mixed it up. The second song was BLUES and then there were a few more in the mix but mostly zydeco and he even threw in a waltz! He threw in some Irish kinda jig in there too and that was really good.
The guy is a real entertainer with a strong stage presence. He sings and plays a violin. Very good entertainer in deed. I had seen them before but it was briefly and awhile back.

I was happy to see Caroline Dahl on keys. She is so awesome!!
One of the "Queens of Boogie-Woogie" that we are fortunate to have in our area. She would do a boogie-woogie number.
But I have to say that that guitar was my favorite part. I didn't realize who it was until after Tom introduced him later but I did know that he was great and I was keeping my ears tuned into him. Really very good. It was Danny Caron!! I had only seen him here & there, sittin' in with other's, and I remember I loved him then but just didn't remember the face.
Man is he awesome! I bought his CD on break. He had one for sale called "Good Hands" or something like that. I can't see it right now because I loaned it to a jazz freak at work. Way jazzy and probably too Jazzy for me but his playing at the show was blues licks. So, that was kind of disappointing but I know a couple of people at work that will love it. I'll record a cassette of it for there. I was hopin' for some of that guitar he was at the show to be on it. I was really surprised to hear Charles Brown singing on it. he would also play piano on it too! Man, I just love that guys voice! A nice piece of work this CD and perfect for a Sunday mornin, while having coffee and reading the paper.

What a great show!! The Town Green was hoppin! The whole dance area was full and when that filled, people started dancing everywhere!
They've done a great job with that new Town Green. The trees are starting to fill out too for more shade. If you ever go there, go to the shops and check out the candy store. Over priced but it will bring back memories of days gone by. A candy store of the past and they have it all.
At the farmers market place they had a corn dog stand that was killer. The best corn dog I've ever had.
Next year, I must make it a conscious effort to go to more of these things. I just need more suitable sun clothing that's airy but protective. Johnny Rawls is coming to Healdsburg's final summer concert series next Tuesday. I will be there. I haven't been to one yet.

Great show Tom Rigney and Flambeau. If you love that Cajun/zydeco stuff and love to dance to it, This is the band for you!


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Black Cat Jam Night by: mo (8/07)

I just couldn't stand it anymore....
I heard from at least four different people in the last week that said The Black Cat is the place to be on a Monday Night.
It's carefully called "Jam Band Night". Notice there's not a word about "Blues" in there. So, that settled that, they're not claiming to be a blues jam. Good thing too because it was more jazzy/jammin' stuff. Kinda funky (undoubtedly because of Sir Watson on bass), groovin' jams, with some blues splashed in there.
This Jam here wasn't wiggly like jelly, it was much tighter. They seemed well-rehearsed.
I don't know who the guitarist was. There were two, one being Levi Lloyd. The other guy was the one with the jazzy influence. Really good too, I might add. Two totally different styles but yet, it fit real well.

Levi was rippin' it!!
Man, I love to see him sittin' in with others. He really reaches into that Blues Guitar bag of his. He was the one who would bring it back to the blues on this night. Not that we ever started there in the first place but anyway...Damn....is he good!

Not sure who that drummer was but he was great. A ton of energy for sure.
No need to explain the bass player, Rob Watson, for he does it all.
Donny would sit in for a few and that was fun.
Karl's got a good thing going here. He himself seems to be a natural at what he does and he does it well. Sings, plays keys- I now have a new appreciation for his skills. He really plays some nice arrangements on them keys.
I love the way the band would build on this really strong foundation they had set, and then continue to build up making the solo stronger as it went up and the whole thing just kept climbing and you find yourself just standing there, watching, wondering, what had just transpired right before your eyes! Then the song would go back right where it left off like they never left in the first place. Amazing.
Great band leader skills between Karl and Rob and it all fit perfectly. I was getting starved some blues though but Levi came to the rescue a few times.
I was about to yell out, "Gimme a shuffle in 'C' !" Whatever that means. I'm pretty sure though, it stands for "Bluestime baby"!

I love the venue, the people, The Black Cat has a real nice feel to it. Very comfortable. John Gaines, who used to manage the Tradewinds, is cooking there. Yep, it's called "John's Cafe". There's a room set aside for eating. It's like a little cafe. Gonna try the food next time because if my memory serves me correctly (Ha!) John is pretty damn good cook!
It's small, cozy, a dance area complete with an old worn out floor. Not complainin'....those are my favorite. Starts early enough too. Good crowd for a Monday night too!
I'll be back to the Black Cat and the next time I see something of a Black Cat, like a knick- knack or something, I'll pick it up and contribute to the collection. I was gonna give my bra to add the big collection on the ceiling, but I wasn't wearing one ;-)


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