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September 24, 2007

Joe Bonamassa-My New Guitar Hero! by: mo (9/20/07)

Made it half way through the work week and man did it fly by!
All day Thursday at work, my blues buddy, everytime he'd see me, he'd look at his watch and point, signaling he was counting down to....Joe Bonamassa time!!

He's a huge fan of Joe's and Joe is in fact his guitar hero of all time.
I had heard a couple of his songs here & there, and yes, the guy is good but he really didn't grab me. I even watched his DVD of a concert in Budapest, awesome but still I wasn't feeling the excitement.

We loaded up the van and made awesome time to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. What a beautiful venue. I had never been there before. It was a decent house. After the opener, we finally got our seating arrangements right and what great seats they were. Six rows back and centered.
He has quite a following this guy, Joe. Just turned 30 years old, I heard. Yep, just a baby.

I have to say right now that this was probably the show of the year. It was spectacular. The best guitar show ever for me. Good thing I was restrained in a seat that was surrounded by people because if there was a dance floor....I would've been floored all night long!
The chairs were comfy, rockin', and springy, so that helped in some chair-dancing. I spent a lot of time jumping up because he would hit a nerve in me and I just couldn't stand it, it was so intense. He hit many nerves during his show. He was hitting nerves I didn't know I had!
During his slow numbers, I was layin' back in my seat using my blanket with sleeves as a pillow. It was so cool & comfy just layin' back watching him, feeling it, taking it in, closing my eyes with that guitar just penetrating through me.
The guy plays like no one I've ever seen or heard. A real show and nuthin' but Joe.... Joe..... and more Joe.

He pulled out an acoustic and played the hell outta that thing. He played some blues, classical, jazzy stuff and more blues on it and it was superb. I don't know where the guy learned how to play like that and where he comes up with the stuff but he's simply amazing.
I hear his father was a guitar dealer or something. Maybe that helped ;-)
He's got a load of originals and his voice is great too.
He made a fan outta me on this night. He played more blues than I thought he'd play. Loads of it.

Nice venue and the sound was good. Couldn't hear his voice on the first song but after the second song, an instrumental, all was good.
His band tight and I think we got a couple of token keyboard solos and one great drum solo!
Yep, nuthin' but Joe playing and can he play!
It said 'Joe Bonamassa' on the ticket and by golly, that's what we got. No jammin', no BS, just guitar.
The best guitar show I've seen yet, hands down.
I was checking out the crew I was with while Joe was playing and most were literally on the edge of their seats. I was too.
I thanked my new blues buddy for turning me on to him. I had no idea but now I do. I didn't have the cash on me to pick up his new CD, 'Slow Gin' but I will get it soon. It's been #1 on the blues charts for at least four weeks now.

I was at Backdoor yesterday picking up a CD to send to the kid, and my special order "House Rockin' & Blues Shoutin' - Celebrating 15 years of the Rhythm Room". While there, I looked for Joe Bonamassa but he wasn't in the blues section. I looked in the rock section and there he was.
I couldn't get it yet but just wanted to make sure he was there. They tend to put lots of blues in the rock section I've noticed. My next CD is gonna be one of Little Johnny Taylor. He makes me melt when I hear him.

Anyway....The drive home was lots of talkin' of the show and most were out for the count 'cept for me of course, and my blues bud. We had eyes wide open. Dropped off the gang and went home to get some shut-eye before work but I was amped. It took awhile to fall asleep. Had to turn on the TV for that always makes me sleep.
Got a few hours before that alarm went off and I should've been fried but I wasn't. I was still amped from the show and it kept me going strong all day. Those are the kind of shows one doesn't mind losing sleep over.

Thank You, Joe for a real show. It's what I'm always on the prowl for and by golly....you delivered.


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