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September 16, 2007

Just A Few Shows-Rawls, Dudek, Pulsators.... by: mo (9/15/07)

Just some reflection on a few shows I've been to this past week......

First off, I just gotta say that it took me all week to recover from that Levi Lloyd Trio show last Saturday Night (9/8) at the Tradewinds. It's gonna be hard to top that show!!

I went to the Forestville Club the following Sunday (9/9) afternoon for more Johnny Rawls. I got word that it was a start up of 5pm so that was good enough for me. I'm just not gonna attempt to go down to the City for any afternoon shows at least until winter gets here and people are staying home more. The traffic is just too much to bare. I wish winter would hurry up and get here though 'cause I'm sure gettin that "Apple Jack and Blues Power" itch. They play at the Saloon on Sunday afternoons and well worth the hassle.

The turnout at the Forestville Club for Johnny was awful. I felt bad for the poor guy. Talkin' with people afterwards at other shows about it, no one knew about it. It wasn't promoted, publicized well or nuthin'. All the same, he sounded pretty good. He did lots of soul numbers and his singing was the highlite on this night. Man....can he sing some sweet and very soulful songs!!
His band, The Blues Defenders, sure are soundin' tight these days. Really good band.
Johnny and band are gonna be at the Tradewinds here in a few hours, it's close to home, and so I'll be there. I really don't feel like traveling too far tonight.

Last Thursday night (9/13), I went to the Last Day Saloon to hear Les Dudek. Killer guitar I heard, so I went.
The opener was the best part of this show. No, it wasn't blues but Les was such a letdown that they stole show.

"Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective" was the name of the band and the name pretty much sums it up. A power trio with a fiddle, a guitar and a simple three piece drum kit. It was amazing all the stuff they had going on up there on stage!
The drummer was awesome! A big bass drum with a snare and a high hat.....that's it! He was tearin' it up.
The guitarist had a few tricks of his own and some might call it cheating. He would play a riff on his guitar, step on a pedal and it was recorded and it played over & and over while he put that down and picked up something else to play. He had a few instruments going at one time in this manner and the song just grew and grew with the whole band building up around it to this energized, euphoric, piece that just left me standing there with my mouth hung open. Just too much fun to watch. Great arrangements, loads of originals, and just a bundle of energy this band has.

I waited around for Les to come on and it took forever. He came up at 10pm and I was anxiously waiting to hear this "killer guitar".
It started off bad from the get-go. The stage monitors weren't working properly so it was hard to hear the vocals but the band sounded alright. Man, was he unhappy with the sound guy. I was really starting to feel sorry for the poor guy. After every song he let into him. It was ridiculous, to say the least. No, we couldn't make out the vocals too well but most were there to hear that guitar anyway so why not just make it an instrumental show? The guy really does play badass guitar and had what it takes but noooo... he walked off stage after apologizing for the sound and said he couldn't play for us like that. The crowd was not happy. Some were yelling,"just deal with it. we don't care!". He should've just went with it instead whining the whole time and stormin' off stage. He is no doubt a great guitar player and to be honest, I just wanted to hear that and not his singing.
That was waste of time and loss of precious sleep for nothing. Oh, wait, I take that back....The opener was awesome and well worth it.

I was pondering something while sitting outside waiting for Les to come on and that is....The Last Day is about as close to a blues club we have here in Sonoma County. Sure I bitch about the tables on the dance floor and so on & so on... but I do appreciate all the blues they have there and there is lots of it.

Thank You, Dave for bringing us some great live music and sorry for naggin' about the way you set your floor up. Hey, it's your club you can do what you want with it. Just a heads up on the "limited dancefloor" situation would be great ;-)
And a HUGE THANK YOU for bringing Nick Moss up here this coming Wednesday Night. (9/19) I can't wait!!

I went out lastnight (9/14) to hear the Pulsators at the Tradewinds. I just love these guys. No, it's not strictly blues but they do enough of it to keep me happy all night. I tell you what though, the blues is where that Douglas McKenzie is most at home on that guitar, I can tell. The guy plays some real nice blues guitar.
Sure seems like they did more blues than usual lastnight. It was a fun night but man was I wiped from the starting gate. Of course the two beers I had didn't help but they sure went down good after a hard work week. Tommy Tutone sat in for a few songs and that was fun too.
Great, great band, The Pulsators. I had a blast and when I got home, I was out like a light. I awoke on the couch with a dog and a cat in my face whining for breakfast. There's no sleeping in with them two, I swear.

I got much accomplished today fixing up my palace. It's been nice spending time alone with just me, the blues, and of course the critters, fixing up my home.
I'm re-doing my house a bit. Taking shit off the walls, painting, ripping out carpet and all sorts of stuff. I'm making it my place now and I think it will reflect me. Switching gears from mother and wife to living alone is a big change but it seems to be smoothing out now and I'm getting to know me. It was scary but come to find out....I'm not so scary after all.

Well....thanks for lettin' me ramble. I gotta go get ready to go down to the Tradewinds for one last show of Johnny Rawls and this whirlwind bay area tour he's had goin' on. The guy has been busy, that's for sure.


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