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September 16, 2007

Let's Hear It For Johnny Rawls........by:mo (9/15/07)

....Ladies & Gentlemen, give it up one more time for Mr Johnny Rawls.....!!

What a great night that was!
I was wonderin' if maybe too much of a good thing is a bad thing but not in this case.
Johnny Rawls is just so good that it's never too much. In fact....it's never enough!

I love his guitar work. It's so gentle and sweet. It's delicate and intricate. It caresses my soul, my body, and is downright tantalizing.
He just plays that thing and never looks at it. He just strolls the stage area, looking about, all the while just playing that thing so effortlessly.
It's real sweet and I could've made love to that stuff all night long. Yes, I make love to the blues, so what. It's safe, almost always satisfying 'cept if it's a bad show, and no complications or heartaches. Loyal and always there for me when I need the companionship.

Johnny Rawls is the real deal and a true blues/soul man.
It's was a real treat to have him in our neck of the woods for this tour of his. Thank you, Johnny for coming out here and hanging out with us North Coast folks for a spell. We loved having you and we will miss you!
Hat tip to the Blues Defenders for they have turned out to be one helluva tight blues band!
They back him beautifully in those soulful numbers too.

Pretty good dancin' crowd at the 'winds. As he laid down his guitar after the last song, the dancin' lady, Barbara, said, and I don't think she knew anyone heard her for she kinda said it to herself, "I'm gonna miss him" as she hung her head and walked off the dance floor.
That was so sweet. I walked up to her and told her I would too. She was at every show of his just about I had heard and I just love that lady's spirit. I don't know where she came from but she appeared about 6 months ago and I see her at many local shows and she is one hell of a dancer!
Great addition to the live music scene this Dancin' Barb!

Thank You Tradewinds for having Johnny.
Between the Last Day Saloon and the Tradewinds, we have us a semi- blues scene here in Sonoma County.

What a week of blues ahead!
Eric Johnson for some rippin, rockin' blues at the Mystic on Monday. My blues bud at work talked me into this one. He loves that vein of the blues and yes, I admit that I do too.
Wednesday is Nick Moss at the Last Day Saloon. Straight up Chicago blues and man can he play dat gitar!!! I can't wait for that one.
Thursday, again some rippin rockin' blues guitar with Joe Bonamassa at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fran.
This guy is amazing!
Again....blues bud at work is a HUGE fan of this guy. I'm taggin along with his family. They kind of adopted me, it seems ;-)

I was thinking of going to Rancho Nicasio today for Elvin Bishop and John Nemeth at the BBQ on the Lawn deal there but I doubt if I go. I've got some ceiling retexturing to do and priming before I paint.
I scraped all that popcorn crap off the ceiling in a room and what a mess that was. I hate that stuff. I'm getting brave with colors these days but still not sure what color to paint this room.
I'm leaning toward some shades of blues.......what do ya think?

Have a great Sunday whatever you do and talk at ya later,

Posted by Mo at September 16, 2007 01:34 PM


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