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September 16, 2007

Levi Lloyd Trio! by mo (9/8/07)

So, I wasn't sure if any band was going to be there at all after the DJ thing the Friday night before but I went anyway.
I drove past the Tradewinds and sure enough, there was Louie, bass player extraordinaire, hanging out in the front. As I was walkin' up I said hello to Dee Wills. Soundman and the soulman of Sonoma County, and he says "Mo, good to see you and I think you're gonna love tonight".
I says, "I hope so and I'm sure I will" but to be honest, I wasn't sure of the latter.
He says, "No, really, we've got Willy Jordan on drums and tonight is gonna be a treat!".
His enthusiasm was infectious and I was pumped!.

The band started and it took me well into the first song to realize that we had ourselves.... The Levi Lloyd Trio!
I got really excited and then it hit me and I became worried - I don't think I've ever seen Levi in the trio format and I was wonderin' if he had it in him. "Aaah, don't worry", I said to myself, This is Levi is his purest form. The moment I've been dreaming of. No distractions, no fillers, just pure Levi. And Willy backing him and pushing him, and Louie doing the same, there was nothing to worry about, right?

Man.... was I wrong to even worry for a second! I'm ashamed to have even thought like that.
This is by far, the best I've ever heard Levi. I was in blues guitar heaven and if I died right then and there it would've been cool because like I said, I was in heaven already. I was floored, I was pullin' at my hair, ready to crawl, beg him to stop because I just couldn't take anymore, and I had to sit after an instrumental number they did because if I didn't I was gonna fall, my knees were so wobbly.
This is what I've been dreamin' of - A whole night of Levi, fronting his own band and really steppin' up to the plate. It was HIS show and what a show it was!
Yep, he really took the reigns on this one.

There was one moment where Levi was rippin' a solo, and I mean just rippin' it, off in his world somewhere, and Willy and Louie were building up the song behind him and it just built up & up & up....and then it happened.....Willy's leash snap and the guy went wild!! I mean he was standing up over them drums and he became this intense wild madman back there. All the while Levi was goin' at it, Louie right behind them and I found myself just standing, watching, jaw on the ground. It was way too much, the crowd cheered and then about a minute later, it hit me and I couldn't believe what I just saw and heard!
I was thinking to myself if I only had a picture of Willy in that state....no, better yet, a video because that was an amazing sight! But it don't matter because that moment will forever be burned into my memory. I have never seen that side of Willy before and it almost scared me.
Was that two sticks in each hand I saw?

An amazing band this here trio. It was magic.
Willy's really sounding great these days. He always sounds good but lastnight was real special. Everyone- Louie, Willy and Levi, had a lot of ground to cover and they covered every square inch, wall to wall.

Dee Wills, Soulman of Sonoma County, got up and sang us some. It's always a treat to hear him. And you can bet, when he's at the sound board, it's gonna sound great!
Carl "Boom Boom" Bowers sat in on the T-bone for a couple of sets and that was cool.
Beth Kohen got up and played some harp. She's really good. Love her style. Very laidback, gentle but effective. She plays off Levi really good and I never heard her crowd anyone. Really nice style. I've got to catch up to her band and soon.
Karl Marinko sat up his keys in the last set and that was kool. Always a treat to hear and see him. I just love that guy's style. Steve Guererro came by and sat in the drums for a couple of songs.

Levi....I love ya, man. You really got to me lastnight. I almost had to surrender a few times. I'm not sure what happens when it comes to that because I've never gotten that far, yet, but you are the one who can take me there. You are my blues guitar hero. Sure you can do it all but when you play dem blues....it's euphoric. Wonder if you even realizes just how good you are?
I think this here band should stay together and these guys should hit the road because it was that good and others need to hear and see what we saw lastnight at the Tradewinds.

Thanks Gang, you have fulfilled a dream of mine I've had for some time. Problem is....I need another dream.
(I think James Armstrong has a song by that title)

Love ya!

Posted by Mo at September 16, 2007 01:17 PM


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