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September 24, 2007

Nick Moss & the Fliptops/SCBS Jam by:mo (9/19/07)

I didn't do anything on Tuesday after work but some errands, packages for the kid overseas, and tying up some other loose ends.
But Wednesday night was the show I've been waiting for. I was so excited that he was in our neighborhood.

I decided to go early to check out the Sonoma County Blues Society Jam before Nick came on.
They had a featured band on stage, whatever that meant, and they were pretty darn good. There was a fourteen year kid playing guitar and singing and he was really good for his age. His singing is what caught my ear. Real mature soundin' and a blues feel to his voice.
Everyone was in awe, watching and cheering for him, but while all that was going on, I was paying close attention to the other guitarist, John Andersen. He was incredible over on stage left and not getting much attention. That guy can really play!!
The whole band sounded tight but waaay too much jammin' for me. Oh wait....that's right, it was a jam.

John Andersen plays with Soulshine and you can bet, the next time they play, I'll be there if only to hear some more of that guitar work. The guy is really good, I tell ya.
I have seen Soulshine before. It was at the Tradewinds months and months ago. They are a band that emerged in Sonoma County while I was on hiatus for a year or so. They were good when I saw them 'cept for the drumming was too fast and loud. They have since changed drummers, twice, and I hear they've really improved since. And I don't remember John being so damn good either. He has definitely improved!!

That particular band left the stage, it changed up and the rest of the jam was just that....a loose jam.
Jams are great for discovering new talent and all, and I'm a firm believer in them and believe they have their place but just not at shows. Ain't nuthin' worse when you go expecting a show and you get a jam. This jam was alright. No, it didn't creep into Nick's show at all.

I waited, and wandered around, making many trips to the van, I even locked my keys in the van for the very first time ever! I panicked. It was fifteen minutes before Nick came on and I wasn't sure what to do. I saw Rolf and he gave me a ride to my house to get my spare. That was so sweet. He didn't hesitate either. We made it back and Nick was just half way through the first song- whew!!
Thanks, Rolf. You're a life-saver.

Nick is so awesome. Just straight up Chicago Blues.
He's a bit hairier than last time but it sure don't effect his playing.
I remember when I saw him at Biscuits a couple years ago, when it was time to rip on the guitar, he would stand back in the shadows on the far left. This time, it was behind the suitcase on stage left. I knew when he stepped over that way and behind that suitcase, that's when the magic would start.
The band is multi-talented with everyone switching instruments all the time. Nick played lots of harp on this night and man....he sure can play that thing!
Me? I would've preferred just Nick's guitar all night but he does have one helluva talented band.
One of the best piano players I've ever heard that, Willy Oshawny. Yes, I had to look up that spelling. Plays bass and sings too.
The bass player, Gerry Hundt, put down the bass for a few and played an electric mandolin and sang a couple and it was great!!
He really played that thing like I've never heard a mandolin played before. I love his voice too.
Can't remember who the drummer was and for that I apologize. Great blues band, filled with all that Chicago tradition of letting everyone shine.

I can't get over at how good Nick was on that harp! But his guitar is what gets under my skin. I love the tone of it and the way he just steps up and takes it away. His voice is haunting. He writes a lot and I don't remember hearing many of his older songs.
I know a few of us requested Sadie Mae while talkin' with him on break, he said he would see what he could do but we didn't hear it. That's Ok because he has much new material to share. Really nice guy, highly approachable, and just down-home folk the lot of them.

I picked up his new double CD and it's pretty darn good just as the others are. The first disc is Nick doing his thing and the second features the band's talents and some real down-home blues. Man..... does he have a lot of Cds out!

Thank You Dave and Bill for bringing Nick and the Fliptops to us. It was a real treat.
I'll probably go down to Biscuits to see him again next Saturday, not sure yet.
I suggest you all do the same.
He'll be at the San Fran Blues Fest on Saturday, the 29th, Biscuits that same night and Friday the 28th, he'll be at The Torch Club in Sac.

Love to you Nick and gang. You guys are awesome. Thank you for bringing us some Chicago Blues and hanging with us. Have a great tour and safe return home to Chi-town!


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