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November 08, 2007

Ramblin'/Guitar Shorty/The Aces! by:mo (11/07)

Yep....I'm still here.
I tell you what....I've been busier these days then when I was rearin' kids!
I think I'm doin' it intentionally just to keep my mind from chatterin' too much.
Lots has been goin' on around here though.

I've got my fence almost done with the help of a friend from work. Pretty cheaply I might add. I'd say it's the best damn fence on the street!
Been workin' on the rooms one by one too. There's some cool old Oak floors under the ratty old carpet. I have come to really hate carpet. So far, the floors that have been "exposed" aren't in too bad a shape. Definitly need to be refinished one day when all the carpet is out of the house.

Gettin ready for my soldier to come home from Iraq next month. This is very exciting!! Yep, it's been almost 15 months already. He's not out of the Army yet, about half way through his enlistment, and will probably do another tour before gettin' out. He has no regrets, never complains about it (even with the pathetic pay they get), but he's pretty sure he's not re-enlisting.
I worry about the readjustment but....I worry about everything.

I was on "The Blues with Bowker" show on the KRUSH a couple of Sundays ago. You want to talk about nervous!!!
I still can't believe I was on the show.
It was most surreal, sitting there in the studio, blues a playin', all the Cds laid out everywhere, autographed photos hanging all over the walls, posters too, and Bill sittin' there doin' his DJ thing. It was really cool watching him.
The song that was playing when I walked in was Brenda Boykin's, "Home Cookin' with Anthony Paule playing guitar on it. That was really weird because it was Anthony Paule's Cds I had brought along has one of my favorites in the bay area. Bill played a couple songs off of them after the spot. I just have this Paule itch that I need scratched here and soon.
I do know one thing, I talk really fast when I'm nervous. I threw a cassette in the player and pushed record right before I left my house for the studio and by golly I got it on there. Barely, but I made it. I didn't have anybody here to record it for me. The kids asked me to record it so they could hear it when they come and besides I never heard myself on the radio before, so I wanted it too. I'm hopin' I'm a bit more relaxed on the next one. I guess he just wants to talk about the blues scene, shows, and stuff like that, once a month for a short spot. It is a real honor to be on his show that's for sure. I tried to get out of it a few times but then I figured I'd regret at least not trying it. Life is short so why the hell not, right?
It had been in the works for a couple of months but I didn't say anything but to a few people. To be honest, I didn't want anybody to hear the first one at all.
It was really cool hangin' with Bill for that spot. He made it easier than I thought it'd be. As I was leaving, he was talkin' to the listeners and he played something off of Steve Freund and Dave Specter's, "Is What it Is".
Great to see so much support for the local blues players.

On another note....
I'm not a huge MySpace person although everyone and their mama has a page. I wouldn't even have a space if it weren't for my Soldier boy over there. It's how we keep in touch and I am VERY thankful to MySpace for it.
My page was blank for the longest and the kid said, "Mom, please let me Pimp out your page. it's boring!". So I let him. He put a few things on there for me and at least now there's something on it.
The most amazing thing to me though was that a friend from 4th-6th grade, found me on Myspace! We're talking 30 plus years ago.
It is stirring up all kinds of childhood crap since we've talked. Things I would've rather left buried but aaah well, it was really good to hear from her.
That MySpace is pretty neat. I love you, Tom! Thanks for keeping soldiers' families connected. It is used by many of them.

I haven't been out much but I did go to see Guitar Shorty at the Last Day Saloon last Saturday night.
I was really anticipating this show because The Aces were opening too!
The Aces were so good. It's really great to see them out and about again and in such top form. Hope they can keep it going for awhile. They played one hell of a set that had me in a frenzy at times. I just loved that hypnotic delta stuff. They add some attitude to it and like they say, it's "Mississippi Romp Punk Blues".
Derek Irving is awesome on guitar, and Dave Burke drives the song playing that rhythm/bass bit with Mike Gutch on drums, but man....I would love to hear David featured on guitar for a song or two because he's that good too!!
Skye O'Bannon is soundin' real fine these days on them vocals and especially on that harp.
I was really sorry to have missed their gig the previous night at the Black Cat bar and I was real close to going but knew I had a big day the next day.
Great set by the Aces. They have a gig coming up at Jasper's on Nov. 24th.

Shorty was...well....should I?
I don't know...let's see...
...off, he was off.
It was not a good night for Guitar Shorty. It started bad from the get-go.
I got there at 8pm and the doors weren't open yet.The Aces were to start at 8:30 but Shorty had just gotten there after getting lost, I had heard. They were unloading as I was sittin' outside watching. If only I had a camera because there was one shot that was worth a thousand words. Shorty walkin towards me, behind him he was pulling a big keyboard case it looked like. Shorty in his get-up just draggin' this bigass thing told the tale of weary bluesman. He had the look of a bluesman that has been on the road for many a decades. He looked tired but true to this life he has led. That's what I saw anyway.
I was wonderin if I should go see if they needed help since no one that worked there was. I felt sorry for them. I always want to help when I see musicians working like that. Is it OK to ask? I may be small but I sure can haul. I do know one thing....if I had a venue I would accommodate the musicians more and help with the loading and unloading. There were a few very capable candidates just hanging around the doors. To watch Shorty parallel park the big van with trailer was amazing too. You could tell he has done it more than a few times because it was tight but he made it look so easy.
The band got set up and did pretty good time so The Aces could start.

After the Aces though, it took Shorty forever to come on. I think he even got locked outside the stage door at one point, maybe even two. No one was there to assist him around the back area. He had amp problems, took forever to come on, left the stage for too long, playing was off, it just was not a good night for Guitar Shorty. We did indeed get a few glimpses of what an excellent performer he really is but there was just that.....a few. His band sounded great and I just know the next time he comes around, things will be better for Shorty. Like I said, the night was going bad for him from the get-go.
Thank goodness for Ronnie Jean keepin' a eye on Shorty. She tried her best, even with hands tied a couple of times. She was so cute. Even wearing her Guitar Shorty T-shirt, she couldn't get backstage to go help the poor guy. Ronnie.... I love ya, sis! Thank you for helping him.
The crowd was pretty darn good on this night and that was great to see. Lots of dancers and lots of familiar blues lovin' faces.

I was pretty fried and lost momentum before long so I left before it all ended. I wanted to go to Michael Barclay at the Tradewinds but never made it. I could barely keep my one lazy eye open. It's been too long since seeing Michael Barclay and the next time they play, it's a must.
Next show for me is Applejack and Blues Power at the Tradewinds this Saturday. I love these guys. Saturday is a tough one. So many to choose from including HellHounds at a club I've never been to yet- The Toad in the Hole. I wonder...do they have a dance floor/area? I need to go scope that place out.
Bill Noteman is at Jasper's too.
I'm sorry but I need my Applejack fix and it's hard getting down to the city anymore.

That's it from me, I'm goin' to bed now.
Thanks for lettin' me ramble.


Posted by Mo at November 8, 2007 04:46 AM


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