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April 06, 2008

Just some ramblin' by mo....(4/08)

I hadn't been out to hear the blues on a regular basis like I used. Lots of personal crap goin' on in my life so I have been just staying home and trying to regroup. I do venture out every so often but it's almost as if I've gotta force myself out the damn door anymore. The excitement of it all doesn't seem to exist for me anymore either. The passion gone. For now anyway.
I do listen to the blues at home all the time but to get out and face the public has proven difficult. But, I've been enjoying my time at home alone. Fixing up "Mo's Palace" , working, and just learning to be alone is what I've been up too. It has indeed been a learning experience.
I never worried about missing out on anything on the live blues scene because it's like I always say....it'll always be there when I'm ready to get back out there. That's the one thing in life that is always dependable- The Blues.

And if I do get out, I haven't been writing about it. I haven't felt like putting myself out there to be honest. When you share your feelings, it's out there for others to blast and I just felt too weak to deal with the lashings.
But I do have the urge to share a few things right now about a couple shows so here they are;

The weekend before last, I ventured out to hear Daniel Castro at the Last Day Saloon. They had an opener by the name of David M'ore and that was wild.
The guy can rip on the guitar. I mean rip!
Yep, he was pretty wild. He ventured into that Hendrix style and I do believe I heard some Chris Duarte and Kenny Wayne Shepard stuff in the mix too. He played that guitar every which way, behind his back, with his hat, on the floor while working the pedals with his other hand, with his shirt off, he was a trip. He fooled around too much with his pedals and stuff and that was annoying but he was pretty darn good. 'Leave the damn pedals alone and just play' is what I was thinking. I love when a guitar player just plugs in with no gadgets and crap, and plays the blues the way it was supposed to played.

After that wild set, Daniel came on to show us all how it's really done. He had Billy Hancock on keys and I really like his style. Real nice blues piano. T on drums and Glade on bass. What a great band!!
I was pretty wiped by the middle of the Daniel's set but hung in there. This why I don't like openers. They take up valuable bluesin' time ;-) Oh shit....did I just say that? Anything past 9pm is past my bedtime these days.

He had David up for the last two songs of his set and that was worth sticking around for. Together, David and Daniel did the best version of "All Along the Watchtower" I've ever heard. Daniel really calmed him down quite a bit.
They would be battling, trading off with one another and it was one challenging the other. Daniel had him backed in a corner at one point, and David came back on the defense then stopped to play with them damn pedals and Daniel said, "You don't need that crap, come on, play!' and that was when the magic really started happening. I love the way Daniel pushes, pokes, and challenges others' up there with him.
Definitely no huge ego with him. I'm glad I stuck around for that. Pretty good night at the Last Day Saloon.

The next night I went out to hear The Aces at the Tradewinds.
I just love that same old blues crap. It's hypnotic. Don't know what else to say about this band that I haven't said a bunch of times already except.....You guys are definitely one of my favorites around these here parts. Mississippi Delta Punk Blues with an attitude. Everyone sounded great and that Skye on harp has been sounding really good these days. Just wish David Burke would venture out on his own more because he is that good. Sure, he's a big part of that Aces sound but to hear his lead guitar is the best!!

This weekend I went out again. I wasn't gonna go out at all on Friday but had heard that The English Gentleman, Sir Charles Wheal, was going to be at Jasper's on Friday so that was a must. It had been a long while since seeing him last. He never gets up this way and this was a treat. He was a "blues survivor" and played with Mark Hummel for years. He left the Survivors and ventured out on his own more. He had with him on this night one all star line up!! Gary Silva on drums, Steve Wolf on bass, John Peterson on harp and of course, Sir Charles on guitar and vocals. What a fabulous band this was!!
Man....Charles is soundin' better than ever!! His style is so sweet. It's soft, precise, and just real clean blues guitar. Sweet, sensual stuff for sure. That was probably the best two sets of blues guitar I've heard in some time. And I mean in some time.
The crowd was sparse at Jasper's and mostly inattentive. That was a shame. Youngsters just don't get it.

Lastnight, I went out to hear one of my favorites around here and that was the Sorentinos. Not always the blues but when they decide to throw a blues number out there, they do it well. That Danny Sorenetino is one of the best songwriters around. At their shows, I find myself not dancing so much but just standing there, watching and listening to the stories. I don't like being distracted because I don't want to miss the story. And that Howard on lead guitar can rip!! I mean the guy can really play!! The whole band is tops and always a great show from the Sorentinos. I love Danny's drawl in his singing and I don't think I've fully appreciated his harp playing until lastnight. He'll pick it up every so often thru out the night.
The song, "Million Pills" was my favorite of the night and I think the crowd agreed. What a great job they did on that one!
I just love this band.

That's it for now. Next weekend is Levi Lloyd on Friday, the 10th, and A Case of the Willy's on Saturday, the 11th, at The Tradewinds. It's also the owner's, Tony's, birthday.
Saturday the 11th, is a real dilemma with One More Mile at Jasper's, Volker Strifler at Rancho Nicasio...what's a blues hound to do??
It sure is nice not having to venture down to the city or the eastbay for blues. Got lots of great stuff going on right here in our own backyard. I'd rather give the money for gas, tolls and parking to the bands and stay close to home. Sure would be nice to see more of my favorites from down that way get up here and play for us though.
I am gonna get my metal fix too. Coming up at the Last Day Saloon is Tantric and these guys rock!! I can't believe Tantric is gonna be there. I've been really enjoying some metal these days. Not the death metal or anything but that melodic metal. The Last Day Saloon has a real variety of music and Thank You Dave for throwing in the blues every so often. I do enjoy your place especially when the dancefloor is open ;-)

Well...burnin' daylight. Gotta get to work on my palace now. I scraped the popcorn crap off the ceiling and retextured it and now it's time to put some primer down.
Got rid of all the wallpaper too. I hate popcorn crap and wallpaper. I went for the rough texture look because smooth texture is very hard to do on a ceiling and I can't afford to pay anyone to do it. The livingroom is now "swirly" and it looks awesome! Just have to decide on colors and blues bud, Terri, is gonna do a mural on one wall for me. She's an artist and is very good at what she does. It's gonna be awesome if I ever get the damn room done. The carpet is coming out last to expose the hardwood floors underneath and they will be refinished. For that, I will hire someone.

Have a great week and hope to see some of yous out there on the blues trail.....

Posted by Mo at April 6, 2008 11:01 AM


Hey Mo, This is the first time I've read your writing and I really appreciate it. I feel whatever is happenning in my life, the Blues - they always do it for me. Love those blues. I also love when I see you because I know that at least one other person-you-will get out on the dance floor as soon as the music starts, and so will I. Marilyn

Posted by: Marilynb at April 30, 2008 10:47 PM

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